Do you play in a black metal band or some sub-genre?
We’re looking for bands to interview right now.

We are now accepting all kinds of submissions, be hellcome here!





In order to get an interview, we will need:

  1. A link to hear your full records (be it a demo, EP, split of full length).
    We are not accepting bands that only have one song now, unless, of course, that your single is like 10 minutes long.
  2. A couple of pictures of your band. We use at least one picture to ilustrate the interview and other to promote the post on the frontpage. The more pictures the better.
  3. A logo. We always start an interview with the logo.
  4. Bio, telling the basic things. Who you are, where you are from, your history, something about your music, your subject etc.
  5. Links to youtube, not necessary, but nice to have on the post
  6. A list of all links you have (facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, your label’s, etc)

Send those things by e-mail, please. I can maintain and store things more organized there. Facebook is good for chatting but not to send stuff like this.

Please, do not send links to download. I prefer to listen it online. Bandcamp prefered.

Remember to check our “about” page as well and our policy regarding some ideologies.

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