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Dreams of Nature Interview (DSBM: Bogotá, Colombia)

Logo Dreams of natureDREAMS OF NATURE hails from Bogotá, Colombia. This is an one-man band playing DSBM with intense raw Black Metal influences and everything in between. Check out this interview with this Black Metal Hermano!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Dreams of Nature.

Well personally I call “Nature Atmospheric Black Metal” While it may be seen in various ways, have environmental air, subjects dealt with loneliness, history, ancestors, nature.

My thoughts and relationship with nature, joined and creatively born “Dreams Of Nature” a unique sound, without leaving the roots natural.

dreams of natureAs the name implies, your music is influenced by Nature. Would fit the band in the same category as the Cascadian black metal bands from America?

Well let’s say we have a lot in common, but to fit on the same line, do not think so.

Dreams of Nature is an one-man band, but unlikely most of bands like this, you have guest vocalists in some recordings, including people from Venezuela and Sweden. How do you find those guys and why the decision to invite other people to a single person project? How was the process to do it, since they’re from other countries?

I have relationship with several musicians from other bands both in my country and in other countries, inviting other musicians is nice for me, the disc tends to emit a different scent.

I have a nice relationship with “Zatanic Tony” who recorded the voices of “Beyond the lakes” know their music, so I found it somewhat pleased to invite you to participate.

“Wismar” who recorded the last song of the album “The cover to summoning” is an excellent musician, I quite impressive music making, has long had it in mind to do something with it.

The process … I record (all instruments) and then send them.

Do you still record everything in your home studio? What equipaments do you use to produce it?

Yes! all recorded in my home studio, I use common tools (A guitar with various effects to sound environmental, Electric drums, Bass (very simple), Synthesizer (to simulate some sounds), common interface, and some editing programs like “Adobe Audition, Cubase, FL Studio ”

L from dreams of natureListening to your latest record “Spirit Of Nature”, some of the keyboards reminded me of some 80’s horror movies soundtracks. Are you influenced by this kind of music?

Yes exactly, I have a lot of influence with these sounds, suspense and melancholic environments that were used much earlier.

Speaking of influences, I’ve read somewhere that you listen to lots of classical music, right? How did this music hit Dreams of Nature?

It’s one of my biggest influences when composing with any of my projects, classical music can inspire and open the mind of anyone, is the style more worked of all music (in my opinion)

Always tends to cast melancholy and some quiet (perfect for Dreams Of Nature)

You also recorded a couple of covers in your last album. This is something a little bit uncommon on black metal related records. Why record those 2 covers? Could speak more about the bands you recorded?

Well the idea of recording these two covers on this album was under the influence “Lustre and Summoning” They’re unique!
No band achieved its sound, is original, somehow inspired me to create “Dreams Of Nature” so had to do a tribute.

Thank you very much for the interview. Now you can have your word. Gracias!
Thank you for the time and space!
Total Thanks, until the next occasion!

Check out Dreams of Nature on these links:
Bandcamp – http://dreamsofnature.bandcamp.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dreamsofnature1
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHSskbgX8YIAL5nZf0_7Ww/videos

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