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Infera Bruo Interview (Experimental Black Metal: Boston, USA)

Infera Bruo - logoINFERA BRUO is an black metal act from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Members come from the most diverse backgrounds as Doom, Punk, Industrial and Krautrock, such as infamous band “Cul de Sac”. They mix all this background with a little progressive (in a good way) touch and create a very interesting blend of Black Metal. Check these guys out now! 

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Infera Bruo.

Galen: We are a black metal band for the most part, and our focus is pretty broad in that realm. We aren’t exactly confined by the genre but we do tend to deal with primarily dark subject matter. Basically we write about whatever interests us, from physics to satanism.

Infera Bruo - Promo 2 b&w copyAll band members come from other bands and different backgrounds, how do you that influenced on your music? Also, are you guys on other bands right now as well?

Galen: I think our different backgrounds help the music to be a bit more varied. Everyone puts their stamp on the songs even if they are written by one person so it always sounds like us. As far as other bands, I’m also a member of Trap Them which I play bass in, and Ardroth has been doing some session drum work here and there.

Speaking of your roots, you used to play on cult act Cul de Sac. That band played music that didn’t have anything with Black Metal. What made you make such a different approach on your new project?

Germanicus: I’ve been playing music for most of my life (Infera is my 11th band). I tend to not like to repeat musical genres more than once (2 punk, 2 doom, etc.) because variety is important in helping maintain a creative life – plus Black Metal is very inspiring.

The name of the band is written in Esperanto language. Originally that was meant to be a global language to unite people and cultures and that was heavily politically backgrounded. Right now, there’s also some black metal that call themselves Red and Black Metal, refering to politics as well. Is Infera Bruo related to any political agenda or something on your lyrics and atitude?

Galen: We are absolutely not associated with anything political.

Going back to the music, one thing that striked me was the refinement of the songwriting. Black metal sometimes can be very repetitve and hypnotic. But you tend to go more on the variation trail leading to long songs with lots of different parts. I don’t want to use the word “progressive”, but one can definitely makes a reference to that, right? How do you see that?

Galen: Yeah, there is a lot of thought that goes into most of our music. Everything has to fit, so even though there are a lot of parts, they all (hopefully) work to serve the song. I don’t see us as progressive necessarily because ultimately we are a black metal band and our sound has been fairly consistent so far. Also there are some negative connotations with that term because most current “progressive metal” is painful to listen to. That being said I am heavily influenced by older prog bands. Between the four of us we have a huge variety of tastes and I think that shows through in the music.

Infera Bruo - Live shotAnother thing that caught me out was the use of synths. Normally, BM bands use it to make atmospheric pads or create total noise. In your case, you build some kind of texture and also as details, almost as little riffs or solos. Also the timbres are very different. I like that a lot, because grants a more unique sound to you.

Germanicus: Thank you for your keen observation. My background is in Kraut-rock and industrial (or pure electronics) and both of these forms feature electronics beyond just being the “icing on the cake”, so it is natural that my style would reflect this stylistic approach as well. Personally, I find it boring when synths are under utilized (for example, as just an organ or string bed – granted, I’ve also done this on occasion but only when this approach seemed the best fit for a section.) I prefer to not repeat a sound, if it can be avoided (partly as a personal challenge to help keep me on my programming toes).

How about touring and playing live? Do you do that a lot? How difficult it is to reproduce your music live, conisdering the use of synths, sample manipulation and stuff?

Galen: We play out, but not often. We’re certainly not just a studio band though, we rehearse on a regular basis. We are hoping to do a bit more with that this year. Our live approach is slightly different than our albums. It’s a bit more stripped down, raw and intense.

You have a new album coming out after 2 years. Could you tell us a little more about it? Any surprise on the music?

Galen: Yeah, we’ve been slaving away at this thing for awhile. We’re all really happy with the way it turned out. There’s maybe a little less space than Desolate Unknown and it sounds more organic over all. It’s definitely the most collaborative thing we’ve done so far. It has all the things that we’ve incorporated before with some new elements as well.

Thanks for the interview, now you can have your word. Cheers!

Galen: Thanks for the interest!
Germanicus: Yes, thank you for your support – we’d be nowhere without the support of folks like yourself.

Check out Infera Bruo at these links:

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.



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