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Dark East Productions label profile (Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia)

dark east productions logo

Dark East Productions is a label from the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Russia.

They release underground Black metal, Doom metal, Avantgarde metal, Death metal music on factory CD, Vinyl and Audio Cassettes.

From 2011 until now, Dark East released 43 albums and their main bands are Asmodey, De Profundis, Raventale and Forgot.

North, the label head, says “Buy cd, appreciate the work of musicians and labels!”

Full Discography:
Asmodey – Dark Spiritual Liberation (2013) (Russia) Black metal
Asmodey – Illusive Demonic Emanations (2014) (Russia) Black metal
Astarium – Nekrocosmo: Demiurge (2014) (Russia) Black metal
Astarium – Winter Growths (Part II) (2015) (Russia) Dark Ambient
Anksunamoon (Russia) & Esphares (France) & Dor Feafaroth (Russia) – The Mist (2013) Black metal
Black Lakes (Russia) & Sumrak (Russia) – Obscurus (2014) Atmospheric Black metal
Book of Sorrow – Nominum (2015) (Russia) Gothic black metal with dark metal
Cult of Vampyrism – Aporia (Italy) (2013) Doom metal
Celtefog – Deliverance (2015) (Greece) Atmospheric black metal
Cult of The Horns & Goatvermin – Split (2014) (France) Black Death metal
Dig Me No Grave – Cosmic Cult (2014) (Russia) Old School Death Metal
De Profundis – This Winter In My Heart (Hungary) (2014) Black metal with Avantgarde Atmospheric Folk metal
Everto Signum – Synergy (2014) (Austria & Portugal) Black metal
Ethir Anduin – I Magen Av Svart Kaos (2014) (Russia) Blackened Doom metal
Eisflammen – In the Element… (2015) (Russia) Atmospheric black metal with post black metal & depressive black metal
Forgot – Doomed To Exile (Russia) (1996/2013) Black metal
Giggerotah – Call of Zamiel (2014) (Russia) Death metal, Digipack
Gaktungar – Gisturgh (Russia) (2012) Black metal
GodHater – Blasphemia (2014) (Russia) Black metal
In Tenebriz – Autumn Constellation (2015) (Russia) Atmospheric Dark metal
Lebensabend – Blood is Always Nameless (Russia) (2013) Black metal
Lugburz – Pure Misanthropy of Death (Poland) (2013) Black metal
Morkulv – Where Hollowness Dwells (2014) (Spain) Raw Black metal
Nox Interitus – Embrace of No Return (Italy) (2013) Black metal
Neverending Sadness – When the Sky has Lost its Color (2014) (Russia) Melodic Doom metal
Raventale – Mémoires (2013) (Ukraine) Atmospheric Black metal
Ragnell – Consumed By The Eternal Darkness (2014) (Mexico) Black metal
Spitehowling – Born to Die for Evil (2002/2013) (Russia) Black metal
Total Angels Violence – Death to Death (Ukraine) (2012) Black metal
Velm – Földek (2014) (Hungary) Atmospheric Dark Black metal
Vrag – Mourningwood (2014) (Hungary) Atmospheric Black metal
Witcher – Boszorkanytanc (Hungary) (2013) Atmospheric Black metal
Yolwolf – Thorns – Horns (Russia) (2012) Atmospheric Black metal
Lupus – Nihilism (2012) (Spain) Black metal
Disinter 666 – Death to Posers (2014/2015) (Russia) Thrash Black metal

Check Dark East Productions on these links:
Shop: http://darkeastproductions.weebly.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkeastprods
Bandcamp: https://darkeastproductions.bandcamp.com/music
Official Site: http://darkeast.ru/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/99966678100


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