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Into The Night Records label profile (Wisconsin, USA)

Into the Night Records logo

INTO THE NIGHT RECORDS is a new label from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.

The label is ran by H.S and they have been working behind the scenes for about a year, although Into the Night Records as a formal entity has been active for about 7 months as of March, 2015.

They do not officially ‘sign’ bands as of now, we allow them the freedom of working with us as long as they would like to. We are in the works of a formal contract for bands who would like to sign with us.

Musically, in their words “Atmospheric Black Metal is and always will be our main focus, as it is what we are passionate about most. We also are working with many different black metal bands of different sub genres and melodic death metal bands.”

They look for bands established within their genre and looking to expand to even more fans. They will listen to any and all submissions and regardless of what kind of music you play and will be in touch if they can stand behind it.

Full Discography:
ITN001 – Sviatibor – From Yav to Nav (Cass, Digital)
ITN002 – Twilight Fauna/Old Thunder – Bloodlines (Cass, Digital)
ITN001D – Black Metal Compilation Vol. 1 – (Digital)
ITN002D – Viridian – Demo 2013

Bandcamp:  https://intothenightrecords.bandcamp.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Into-The-Night-Records/543742309091752
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ITNRecords


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