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Terra Deep interview (Cascadian Black Metal: Oregon, USA)

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Terra Deep is a one man band from the Simpson’s hometown, Springfield. This project is an outlet for his creator’s an outlet for angst, anger, depression, and loneliness. Check out one more interview from the ever growing american black metal scene.

Please describe the music and aesthetics of Terra Deep.

I would call Terra Deep progressive black metal, though as time goes by I see less of a true black metal aesthetic in what I do. I try to never write the same song twice, so I’m always varying the sounds I choose to use. Aesthetically, Terra Deep is a pure expression of self. It started as an outlet for everything I couldn’t just say, and it still is today. It’s musically channeled loneliness, I suppose.

terra deep MEdwardsThe project was 7 years ago. What were you up to all this years. What’s your discography and the plans for 2015?

For the majority of the time, I had no access to recording gear so (thankfully) a lot of songs were lost and forgotten. I’ve tried to release as much as I can since then. For 2015 I’ve recorded one full-length, “Part of this World, Part of Another,” which should hopefully see release soon. After that, it’s hard to say. I’ve started writing another album, but it remains to be seen if it will make it out this year.

Full albums are very premeditated, but the splits and EP’s are very spontaneous, usually done in a few days. If the opportunity arises there will be some splits or EP’s, but I try not to plan them until I know that they’re happening.

I found your music very spacey, somehow proggy and psychedelic, which suprised me in a good way. What’s your influences besides black metal?

Anything I haven’t heard before. I get bored very easily when it comes to music, so I’m always looking for some new sound, something out of the ordinary or at least unexpected. I do enjoy a lot of prog music for that reason. As far as specific bands go, I’d say Opeth, Arcturus, Gojira, Anaal Nathrakh. It’s hard to predict what I’ll enjoy though.

Someone on bandcamp described you as mix of Opeth, Rush and Black Metal. Do you agree with that?

I don’t know if I totally agree, but I’m really flattered. Opeth and Rush are two of my all-time favorite bands, so it’s definitely a nice comparison. I think the next album will definitely show a lot more of the Opeth influence than previous albums.

Most of one-man black metal bands stay on the lo-fi side of tracks. Your sound it’s quite the opposite. The recording and mixing is very good and everything sounds very big (I’m talking about the Inamorata ep here). Could you talk more about it and also what equipment do you use?

I like to add lots of layers and I feel that it’s necessary to record at a higher quality to make sure everything comes through the way I want it to. For some, the lo-fi sound is necessary for what they’re trying to express, and for others it’s a reflection of the limitations of being so DIY with recording. I like richness and depth in my music, and I like all the subtleties to be discernible so I have to record with better equipment and techniques.

Almost all the gear I’ve used on the last couple releases was borrowed, so I can’t comment too much on it…

You released a cassette last year, which I think really fits the lofi black metal bands, do you think it affects your music, being a better produced material?

Recording techniques can absolutely affect the music, and so I feel you have to alter your production to fit what the music demands. A lot of Terra Deep material calls for a clearer style of production, but the Mariposa cassette needed that lo-fi sound. The songs come first for me. If they need clarity in their production, they get it. Likewise, if they would benefit most from a shitty, raw production, then that’s how I record them.

Also regarding the one-man band thing. Why this decision? Is it easy to do everything by yourself? Do you plan playing live? Also, what equipament did you use on your recording session?

I wouldn’t say it’s easier to do everything myself, but it’s certainly more rewarding. Terra Deep is the purest form of my self-expression, and it would be impossible if I had someone else involved to whom I had to justify my own deepest truths. It’s liberating to be able to put onto a record EXACTLY what you feel or need to say at a given point in your life, without it having to pass inspection from anyone else.

Thanks for the interview, now you can say what you want.

Nothing much to say aside from expect the new album in the coming months.

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