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Nyseius Interview (Black Metal, France)

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NYSEIUS is another band to prove that the French scene is one of the most prolific in the black metal world today. They’re releasing “De Divinatione Daemonium?” in March and just gave us an interview. Check it out!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Nyseius.

NYSEIUS is the open vaccum where the listener will be brought to fall of the world of The Son of Man. A slow, progressive and painful descent into limbo where revelations will manifest to him.

First thing that caught me reading your bio was the “Orthodox
Satanic Movement”. Could you talk a little bit about that?

NYSEIUS delivers a destructive, cold and occult black metal in which the listener is plunged into a parallel dimension where the sacred texts, the apocalypses and the somber predictions of apocryphal Gospels become reality.

To talk about NYSEIUS, I prefer to use the term “Orthodox Satanic Movement” rather than “Orthodox Black Metal”. It is necessary to make the difference between these two denominations that does not meanquite the same thing: one is the evolution of the other.

I give some explanation: Any individual can belong to a band of “Orthodox Black Metal”, it commits him to nothing. The “Orthodox Satanic Movement” are the first words which embody the birth of a more complex and elitist movement. The base is the music, mainly black metal, but it can also be ritual music, as well as dark ambient (the essence of the movement can be exploited in many ways). Every disciple owes apply strictly certain principles to be in accordance with the ideas expressed by this movement. We encourage a deep study of religious and occult texts, as well as the application of practices such as the asceticism.

Today, France is being acclaimed as one of biggest countries in terms of Black Metal. How long have you been connected to this scene? Did you see it evolve from the begining to now? Why do you think the french BM has stood out from the other countries?

Indeed, there are many active bands in France and the list keeps growing. We are connected to this scene since 2002, date I created NYSEIUS. Before that, we were listening to black metal since about 1996, maybe before regarding Icons Blasphemer. Before 2002 we played in several bands, but the work was never completed. Black metal in France and even in the world has evolved significantly since the previously mentioned dates, especially with the advent of the Internet. The codes of music and communications have been disrupted. When creating NYSEIUS (and before), we exchanged many letters with black metal listeners and members of various groups. Everything worked in a very underground way, and there was a will that it stays. The discovery of new groups was by word of mouth. The listener had to conduct research to find bands which corresponded to his expectations. The material media was important and respected. Today things have changed, everything is too accessible. Bands are in the over-exposure on social networks, all the comings and goings are communicated to all, so insignificant is.

People constitute their discography by downloading with a few clicks on Internet. This way of functioning can be only detrimental on the long term.

I think the French black metal has stood out from the other countries thanks to the quality and the unique style of some bands that have become references at the international level. Bands like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord are good examples.

Can you see some correlation to this style of black metal with
repetitive riffs to the American one, in bands like Liturgy, Krallice
and others?

Honestly, I’ve never listened to these bands, so I can’t compare their music with ours, but I’ll listen to them carefully as you have found an interest to mention them in this interview.

In the US black metal scene, i would say that NYSEIUS is musically and ideologically close to bands like Avichi and Nightbringer.

Regarding the repetition of riffs in our music, you should know that a song of NYSEIUS includes more different riffs compared to the vast majority of black metal groups.

Sometimes we use repetitive riffs when we consider that it’s necessary, and we add some variations to exploit different aspects of our riffs and create different atmospheres.

Considering that France is some sort of new Black Metal capital, do
you have many live gigs there? Do Nyseius plays live too? Any touring

I can’t say if France can be considered as the new capital of Black Metal but there is one sure thing, many bands work hard to further spread their artistic vision in the world.

The task is often difficult, because even if some French bands manage to be signed on renowned labels, they have difficulty in being part of international tours.

Considerable amounts of money are requested for groups to participate in a tour a few dates. This is a regrettable system for my part I cannot accept.

In Paris, the number of concerts and the influx of the public is quite random.

For a few years I can see a desire to organize concerts more regularly and make play more varied style groups. Many concerts also take place in other cities, as Nantes, but I cannot tell you what the situation is concretely there.

To speak about NYSEIUS, we made some concerts in the past. The last one was “Black Metal is Rising” in Paris in 2010 (with Ofermod, Osculum Infame, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and other bands…). Since then, some members left the band for various reasons and we
haven’t met yet musicians capable of replacing them.

We receive some proposals since our label ATMF announced the release of “De Divinatione Daemonum” by March 30th 2015, but for the moment we declined them all for this line up problems.

Actually, NYSEIUS is Daeloth, Sirium and Icon Blasphemer. A new drummer will soon join us. We are looking for a melodic guitarist to complete the line up and to be  ready to play live but it’s difficult because very few musicians are capable of playing NYSEIUS songs live.
We want that all NYSEIUS members are in total osmosis musically and ideologically.

If we fail to complete the line-up, we will devote ourselves only at work studio, in order to compose and release a new album.

“De Divinatione Daemonum” is your second release so far. How do you see the evolution of the band from the previous album to this one? What direction are you aiming towards the future?

After the release of “Militae” in 2010, we wanted to compose a darker and more occult album. We wanted each piece exudes a special atmosphere, almost hypnotic. For this we have changed our way of composing. The songs structure is now more complex, the riffs are more elaborate and tortured and tempo changes are more frequent. Songs like “Manifestation of the three Celestial Entities” and “Black God Ascension” are, for example, more direct and more violent than any title from “Militae”. “Towards the True Light” is a song which emerge ritual and occult atmosphere.

Of course we have kept the spirit of NYSEIUS, present in our records since our first demo “Lueur d’une Lune Morte” in 2004, with breaks of saturated guitars in arpeggios and the use of very fast melodic riffs. But the atmosphere is now much more mature, dark and chaotic.

For the future, we will train you even deeper into the darkness and chaos.

Thank you very much for the interview. Now you can have your word. Merci!


You can follow Nyseius here:

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