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Sangus Interview (Crusted Black Metal: Providence, USA)

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Sangus.

The music of Sangus is a hybrid of death metal, black metal, crossover thrash, and dtåkt styles. We feel that these diverse points of musical inspiration are blended quite naturally in what has become the refined stylistic sound of Sangus. Our aesthetic presentation is meant to be a timeless interpretation of classic 1980’s underground metal.

Listening to the Saevitia EP, I can hear echoes of grindcore and old school hardcore from the likes of Discharge, Anti-Cimex. Do you think punk/hardcore and black metal fit well together?

It is very reasonable to decipher those points of musical influence from our sound. Elements of both Anti-Cimex and Napalm Death are present in our reinterpretation of extreme punk metal. Our approach to extreme, aggressive music is founded on the theory that during the 1980’s there was much more common ground between hardcore punk and black metal. The 90’s brought great music but also extreme stylistic stratification of the genres. Our approach to music is meant to thread a needle that appeals to a taste for brutal aggressive music of various genre-specific styles.

Do you consider yourselves more Black Metal or Punk? Why?

We consider Sangus is Sangus. Our goal is to be the most brutal black dtåkt death crust metal punks. We would regard it a compliment if black metal purists named us their favorite punk band, or crust punk purists named us their favorite black metal band. Meanwhile, perhaps we have more elements of early death metal than either of those styles. It suits us to be not easily categorized musically. Likewise, our conceptual ideology as a band is transcendentally misanthropic and isolational. We share feelings of camaraderie with some bands, though predominantly regard Sangus as a loner entity.

Back to Saevitia, your bandcamp page says the 7 inch is limited to 387. Why this so odd number? Does it carry any meaning behind?

The meaning of this numbering is incidental. The pressing plant will produce records in multiples of 100. So we pressed 400 total black vinyl. 13, however, were immediately removed from circulation for the purpose of special release numbered to 13, with limited edition packaging. This edition of 13 is being worked on and will be released sometime in 2015.

France and the United States are the two biggest countries to carry black metal nowadays, at least in my view. Although French bands err more on the classic black metal side, I think the American bands are trying to expand its limits mixing it with other styles. Do you agree? If so, what do you atribute that to?

It is fair to say that of black metal in the United States. It is natural for us to mix musical styles as our national culture is mixed. European countries have more so preserved their ethnic culture in nationhood, and this is expressed in the music from each nation. United States has no national ethnic culture. We draw from different cultural points of reference.

I saw some pictures of Sangus live and it seems to be a pretty intense show. What’s the general response of the audience to that?

We have enjoyed a very positive response from our audiences at each show. Our live performance is a big part of what makes Sangus. Our live show is meant to be a violent explosion of passionate aggression. We do not perform with theatrics, but rather an unbridled storm of urgency. The audience is insistently invited to participate in that storm of emotion and adrenaline.

Besides the release of the EP, what’s the plans for 2015? Another release? Touring?

We have completed a second EP, and are now discussing with labels for release. We plan to record a full length album near the end of the summer and touring in bursts whenever we can. For the rest of 2015, this will all be Stateside, though we hope with stronger label support to reach Europe in 2016.

Thank you for the interview. Now you can have your word. Cheers!

Fuck the World to Dust and Ride the Tiger unto The Death.

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