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Narrowards: label profile (Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia)


NARROWARDS is a Black/Death metal label from Bentong and Pahang, Malaysia.

It’s a boutique-style label focusing on limited edition tape releases with some twist in the presentation. They have 13 releases (most of it on tape cassettes)  so far and has being active for 2 years.

The label is ran by Shahrizwan Shamsudin (Diktator) and FEH (layouts). Their ethics says there is no bands are under any contracts, this is a pure underground devotion and works by per releases.

The label is all about representing your materials in a way that befits its stature, so prove your worth.

Any bands are welcomed to get in touch and maybe we could work on something, they just have to entices the Diktator.

Check them on these links:
Official site: narrowards.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/narrowardskult
Bandcamp: narrowards.bandcamp.com
Web store: narrowards.storenvy.com

Narrowards full catalog here:
NARROW002 NEKROMANTHEON “Rise, Vulcan Spectre”, NARROW003 ANTEDILUVIAN official metal pin,
NARROW004 ARCHGOAT official metal pin,
NARROW005 CONDOR “Speedwagon”,
NARROW006 ANGIST “Circle of Suffering”,
NARROW007 PATRIA “Faithless”,
NARROW008 BODE PRETO “Dark Night”,
NARROW009 VERMINOUS “Impious Sacrilege”,
NARROW010 VERMINOUS “The Unholy Communion”,
NARROW011 AVULSED “Ritual Zombi”,
NARROW012 DEMONICAL “Darkness Unbound”,



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