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Arvas Interview (Norwegian Black Metal: Bergen, Norway)

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ARVAS wants to bring back the essence of the classic Norwegian Black Metal with 80’s thrash metal influences to devastate your ears. Check out this interview with mastermind V-Rex!

Please describe the music and aesthetics of Arvas.

The music is a fine mix of the eighites thrash metal era and modern black metal. We are in constant development so we try not to do repeat ourselves musically. Every album is different form the other but there is always a red line in there that define Arvas.

How long have you been around on the black metal scene in Norway? How do you see the Norwegian BM from the early nineties to this day?

I started the band in 92/93 under a different name(Örth) and it was a solo project with me doing all the instruments. I had just been layed off from Aeternus and needed to create something all by myself.
Later on I got Grim (x Immortal, x Gorgoroth and x Borknagar) in on drums and Ares from Aeternus joined in on bass, and we wrote songs for a debut album, we recorded it, but we didn’t officially release it. We made copies ourselve and distributed ourselvesm so the album didn’t get that much attention really. A coupple of years later Grim comitted suicide and I took a break from music I started up againg after a while and kept on doing this as my solo project releasing demos. I changed the name to Arvas. I wanted to play live and we did our first gig in 2009. And then we recorded our first album under the Arvas monicker.

Black metal now compared to black metal from early nineties is completely different. I really don’t listen to newer bands at all.

What local bands do you think are the best on the black metal spectrum?

Hard to say because I don’t listen to newer bands so I have no clue what’s going on out there.

Your last album is a statment of praise to the old days. Today we can see bands that try to push the boundaries of black metal for every direction possible. How do you see that?

I like it when bands are able to really experiment with their music and push their creativity. I am not really a fan of this necro kind of black metal the kids nowadays perform, I lam more into the progressive aspect.

I saw one t-shirt of Arvas and it said “Above God, Above Satan, Above All”. Does Arvas has any kind of religion or political agenda? How does this fit on to your music and lyrics?

I needed a slogan and this came to mind and I felt it was suitable for the band and what we stand for. We are not a political band at all, politics and music should not be mixed. We are an occult band with occult values and a strong Satanic view.

Arvas seemed to be all around V-Rex, with session musicians. But now you have a fulltime line up. What’s the role of the new guys? Are they going to contribute on the writing as well?

Yes it was time for a change and I needed to see if I could work with other guys on a permanent basis. Uptil now it has only been me writing all the music and lyrics so to get a more refined and fuller sound I hooked up with these amazing musicians.
On the drums I have Snuff-X, I have known him for a while and we have played togheter before in different other band constellations. A killer drummer and a talent you don’t see that often.
Vocals is handled by Celyr, a mate I also played with for about ten years ago. On Black Satanic Mysticism Hexzaldre is doing the vocals. He decided to quit music for good earlier this year so I got Celyr in to do vocals permanently from now on.
Bass is done by Kvalvaag, also a talented musician, he has also palyed with different bands and is experienced.
Sturm on rhythm guitar has been with Arvas before, we know eachother quite well.

These guys are also gona write music for the fourth Arvas album so I am pretty exited about how this will turn out.

You’re releasing your new album right now. What’s the plans for 2015? Any touring on sight?

We have some gigs coming up later this year, amongst other one in our home town of Bergen and maybe a gig in Tromsø. We are also working on a tour later this year but we’ll see what happends there, nothing is confirmed or anything, but a tour would for sure be great. Hopefully we will pull it off.

Thank you very much for the interview. Now you can have your word. Takk!

Thanx you for your interest in Arvas. Keep The Black Flame Burning!!!!!

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