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Diabolous666 Interview (Raw Black Metal: Lima, Peru)

LOGO Diabolous666


Hailing from Lima, Peru, Diabolous666 is one the many bands of TM666. He is also on peruvian metal legends Hadez (soon to be interviewed) and among this other bands, also runs the Pentagram Records label and physical store. Check out this interview with our BM hermanos!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Diabolous666.

Diabolous666 plays Negative Metal of Death with old school war paint in honour to our ancient gods. On stage the band display the most powerful and barbaric sounds of war that you can hear. Only blackened death war metal for your miserable souls…

 Diabolous666 LIVEWhen I first listened to Diabolous666, I was thrown to the mid-nineties when the black metal scenes were producing lots of raw and dirty bands. Is it intentional to bring back this spirit again? How do you feel about a more modern sound?

The “Culto a la Muerte” demo tape is in the path of the mid 90’s black metal… and yes, was intentional! In that time our composer / guitar player was MM666, drummer of the mighty horde NAHUAL, and he breathe and worship that sound. Then, he leaves the band and replaces him EA666 (PUTRID) giving a more “modern” touch always keeping the old spirit. EA666 worship bands like Deathspell Omega, current Marduk, Watain, old Morbid Angel, old Slayer, etc… so you can hear the result!
Particularly, I hate modern sounds like Behemoth last albums…

So far, besides the demos, you released one split with Hadez and are planning another split in the near future. Why the decision to only release splits so far? Do you have plans for a full length?

TM666: Our only split is the VITAE VELENDAM VITA EST with the maniacs of PUTRID. SCK666 and I play in the South American Death Metal Cult HADEZ. But not have any split with them. We have a couple of songs yet recorded for a forthcoming 4 way split LP with the mighty Peruvian hordes: GRAVE DESECRATION, VLAD & PUTRID. In these days we are rehearsing new songs for our debut album.

Do you play very often live? What’s the plan for gigs in 2015?

TM666: Yes, we play several times in a year, both Lima and within the country. Last year we had the honor to open the show for ENTHRONED & BLOOD RED THRONE.
For this year we have planned a tour with our comrades PUTRID through Ecuador and Colombia. Also, is almost ready a tour across our country with the infernal hordes ANIMUS MORTIS (Chile) and SATANCROWNED (Colombia).

Diabolous666 tributo a bathory 06 - copiaBeing from Brazil, I’d like to ask about the latin metal scene. I think in Brazil we’re a little isolated from the other countries in Latin America, we have our own bands and have lots of European and American bands playing here, but bands from our continent don’t seem to be so frequent. Do you think that too? Is the Peruvian scene more connected with the other countries in South America?

I know some South American bands that touring across your country, but like you says is not frequent. Brazil is like a continent inside another continent… I do not know if you understand me? Plus the different languages separate us even more. But not everything is bad news. Exist from years ago a communication and cooperation between Brazilian and the rest of South American bands. Also a big respect for the old Brazilian Metal Scene! Personally speaking we have contact with old friends like Paullus Moura (MORCROF), Lord Formigao (IMPALED RECORDS), etc…
From long time ago peruvian metal bands and bangers are in touch with other bands, zines and labels of the South American Underground Metal Scene. Now with the Facebook shit is easier!
Long live to the South American Underground Metal Scene!

Also on this subject, do your band seeks influence on the local folklore? What do your lyrics talk about?

No, we don´t have any influence of our local folklore… our lyrics talk about the end of all we know since a negative point of view. The arrogance of mankind will soon come to an end.

Besides Diabolous666 you also run the Pentagram Records and play in lots of metal bands in Peru. How do you manage to keep up with all of this? Also, tell us a little bit of your other bands.

TM666: The most part of my time I dedicated to Pentagram Records. We open our metal store all week except Sundays, so I can rehearsal with my bands or early in the morning or after we close the store. I play drums in HADEZ, DIABOLOUS666, DEATHSTORM88, NECROFUCKER, LEPROSY BITCH and vocal / bass in THE NOISE OF TECHNOLOGY (a UFO worship grind noise band). Obviously is with Hadez that I play most of the time. With Diabolous666 we rehearsing all weeks, least once time. With Deathstorm88 we will return weekly rehearsals with a new member. Necrofucker is in the process of recording a new album and a split CD with Necrochakal from Greece. The debut album of Leprosy Bitch is almost done. LB is an old school death grind metal band with members of Anal Vomit (Noizer) & Intestinal Laceration / Voracious Infection (Lalo) and me. With The noise of technology we have one demo tape out and will release another one very soon!

Thank you very much for the interview. Now you can have your word. Gracias!

TM666: Thank you very much for your infernal support war brother!
And to all that read this interview… Keep alive the flame of the South American Underground Metal Scene or die!

Follow Diabolous666 on these links:
BANDCAMP: http://pentagramrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vitae-delendam-vita-est
BANDCAMP: http://pentagramrecords.bandcamp.com/album/diabolous666-culto-a-la-muerte
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PojTmBY_zP4
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sck666?fref=ts
LABEL: http://pentagramrecs.com/

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