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New ANTAGONISTE and TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED records to be released on March

New CDs from I, Voidhanger Records coming out on 30 March 2015.

Tome of the Unreplenished - innerstandingTOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED: “Innerstanding”.
“Innerstanding” is the debut full-length album by a mysterious atmospheric black metal project from Cyprus: TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED. Sole member Hermes used to play bass guitar with the satanic blackmetallers Necrosadist, but with TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED he explores the hidden regions of the soul, abandoning himself and the listener to an emotional rollercoaster of transcendental, cosmic beauty.





Antagoniste - The Myth of MankindANTAGONISTE: “The Myth Of Mankind”
Fashioned, shaped and modelled at Demiurgus Studio, ANTAGONISTE’s debut album “The Myth Of Mankind” sublimates the Metal genre with its unique mix of Sludge, Black, Avant-garde, darkened pieces of Progressive music and disharmonic Shoegaze Rock.

This is the beginning of an evolutionary musical journey that will help you to explore your inner-self abyss.





More info here:


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