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De Silence et d’Ombre Interview (Black Metal: Brest, France)

De-Silence-et-dOmbre-logo-darkFrom Brest, France, comes the great one-man band DE SILENCE ET D’OMBRE. This project shows really good musicianship and the last album “V” is an example of killer Black Metal mixed with other influences such as Doom, Post-Rock and more experimental stuff. You should definitely check this music out!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of De Silence et d’Ombre.

DSEDO is about exploring my own mind and spirituality through a mix of Black Metal and other influences, from Doom to post-rock or ambient. But always minimalist.

Your last record “V” was supposed to be released on a label but ended up being self-released, right? Why this decision? I think it’s a pretty good record that should get a big exposure out there. Speaking of self-releasing your own music, how do you manage that? Did you make a physical version of it?

It was never supposed to be released by a label at the time. I recorded the songs, sent them to a few persons I’ve been working with over the past years, but nobody was interested and some did not even answer.
I decided to release it on bandcamp because I did not had the money to do it physically and was tired of waiting.
It took 3 years to release Worship the Hideous BECAUSE of the labels. I did not wanted this anymore. I put the record on bancamp, people listened to it or not.
Then Roman Saenko from Night Birds Records wanted to do some DSEDO re-release on tape including V, which was a great idea, but war blew the whole thing up.
Bad luck? Not in contact with the right people? I don’t know…bit of both maybe.

 De-Silence-et-dOmbre-logo-pictureI was very impressed one I first listened to “V”. Different from most black metal bands out there, there is a lot of diversity in it. Songs change in structure and they all differ from each other. Also you go through various vocal styles sometimes on the same song. What was your inspiration for that? Did you have a concept in mind when you started to do it?

Thanks. Right now I would say V is the best thing I’ve ever done for DSEDO for it is coherent. On the previous release (Worship the Hideous) the sound could vary a lot from a song to another, and there were a lot of ruptures in the record progression. This time I wanted the songs to perfectly move together, to evolve without getting lost.
The inspiration for the vocals came with the songs, it was just the way I felt when I recorded.

The concept behind V is once more very personal. When looking to some songs titles, people would think of Star Wars and they would be right for I draw a lot of influence from this universe. I am a huge fan and will never be ashamed of it. For example, “Valley Tower Ascent” (Vol.1, 2007) is the titles of a level at the end of the Jedi Knight video games (1997). « Mysteries of the Sith » also comes from a video game from the Jedi Knight series (if you played it, I guess you’ll get the idea).
But if one needs keys to understand « V », I would just say that it is about ancient and forgotten evil. The echoes of the past, of massacres, betrayals, fall of empires and nations destroyed by their own power, and our helplessness as a specie and the questions we ask ourselves in order to understand our own purpose on this earth, this universe. The history of mankind after all. I just tell it my way.

De-Silence-et-dOmbre-logo-picture3What has been the response for it? How do the regular black metal audience reacted to this record? I guess most of the average fan are not used to such variety in a record.

Honestly I don’t know. Except for some friends or a few people active on the facebook page I did not had any feedback since I threw V on the web. But as far as they are concerned they liked it. On the other hand, most people tends to forget bands if they don’t release double pink lp shit and don’t tour nowadays. Plus there weren’t any reviews or promotion. You are the first one to send me questions about this records !

As mentioned, I think your music is very well written and crafted. How do you see the evolution from your first record “Volume I” until now and what are you aiming for on sixth volume?

Thanks a lot. There was a lot of try, definitely. I evolved as a musician, as one can notice when listening to each record. V was the first time I was not trying to prove something, I just played the songs I liked and that was it. DSEDO evolved with myself and the music I had been discovering for almost 10 years, trying to melt it with my own perception. Vol,1 was all about Burzum and Darkspace. Vol,2 I was really into Neurosis. Vol.3, more Black Metal and a bit of Doom. Vol.4 : Doom was the law. V ? All these influences, digested. I was not trying to write a song in the way such band would do, I just did my own stuff.

Did you composed and recorded everything by yourself? What was the process of recording and producing it? Do you make it everything at home?

I write and record everything. The process is very simple, everything is done at home, no rush, no pressure. The details are of no particular interest.

All your records names has this “Vol. N” in it. Do you see your releases as part of a bigger work? Are you telling a story with them?

The only concept is DSEDO itself and its limits, the emotions I want to share with the listener. It’s dark, metaphorical, all is about the feeling. That’s why there are few lyrics.
The « volume » appellation is more a gimmick, I think it’s pretty cool, and it makes me think about a book, the book of silence and shadow.

Thanks for the interview. Now you can have your word. Au revoir!

Thanks a lot for your interest. And to the few fans : thank you for your support.

Links to De Silence et d’Ombre:
Bandcamp: https://desilenceetdombre.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DE-SILENCE-ET-DOMBRE
Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/De_Silence_et_d’Ombre

The Maul, song from 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al_FM-O0xpA
Closer to the Depths (III, 2010) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa-pXi0U83Y
Chapter V (Ascension Manifest, 2008) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de_-CBaF8xc

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