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Dream of the Damned Interview (DSBM: Mexico City, Mexico)

dream of the damned Logo 2Dream of the Damned is a DSBM act from Mexico City. He already got attention of labels from Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil. Not only releasing cds, not only cassettes but even fucking floppy discs! Read his interview bellow and enjoy!

Please describe the music and aesthetics of The Dream of the Damned.

All my depression, frustration, hatred, apathy and misanthropy focused    on something creative, here is the music so I Dream of The Damned is the result.
In terms of aesthetics will simply: say that what you see is what you get am what my songs reflect, I live my music.

dream of the damned photo Just like many DSBM acts, Dream of the Damned is an one-man band. Why do you think there are so many one-man bands around the last years, especially on the DSBM scene?

Often it is difficult to work with other musicians ego clashes and different way of working, many are irresponsible or not is committed to devote to a project in a professional manner. Working individually is more comfortable that all decisions are the responsibility of one person. Moreover thematic handled in Depressive Black Metal not handled in other genres and subgenres of metal and lately are exploring these issues in a more open manner through music, what I mean is that this music is not suitable for impressionable people and poor judgment so people and musicians who enjoy this genre are a minority in this damn world.

Besides composing and playing you produce and mix all of your work, right? What equipment do you use? What’s your recording process?

I use to record a computer with excellent audio card and enough RAM and hard drive to support the recording, a recording interface, 8-channel mixer, recording programs and plugins, instruments and amplifiers.

The recording process begins with the battery, then the bass and keyboards followed by recording guitars and lastly voice sessions. Finally this mix and mastering audio.

Black metal seems to be expanding its limits nowadays. We have lots of bands playing post blackmetal, blackgaze and crust/punk influenced BM. Do you think that DSBM is one of this branches from black metal that are here to stay? How do you see DSBM evolving in the next few years?

The Depressive Black Metal is here to stay is not a fad is a consequence and every day evolves with different mergers as you mentioned and will continue over the coming years. Human beings always have empty existential. There will always be musicians who dare to explore depression, misanthropy, hatred and apathy as well as madness.
dream of the damned cassette dream of the damned Take Away My Pain

You have lots of releases so far. You’re from Mexico but had your music released in such different countries as Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany and Russia. How did you manage to get the attention from all those labels? Are you happy with the response you’re getting?

I’m am from Mexico and my music is performed in several record labels, it is not difficult to communicate with labels through the Internet and social networks and always maintain communication with the owners of record labels. The first label I perform the music of Dream of The Damned was a Russian label called Cvlminis and through a message inbox on Facebook will communicate with me and offered me out on his label and from there I look for opportunities in other labels (Depressive Illusions Records, Mindless Productions, Panzer Records y Winterwolf Records) and listened to my music and they like and decided to make my album. All labels with whom I work are attentive and willing to work with me and the treatment I received is the best I have no complaints.

Most of your releases are singles or splits. Do you believe the “album” concept is dead? Or doesn’t it work for your music?

It was casual but thinking of a cool way and calculator is better to Demos, Singles and Splits so I am sure that all the songs are excellent, there are bands that perform a long play and have only two songs that are worth and other songs are filler.

The concept of the album is still alive not dead, the day to conduct a full-length album is that I will have the certainty that all the songs are excellent but in the end the opinions of fans and followers are everything and they decide if the whole album is good.

dream of the damned Floppy (3)Speaking of releases formats, I saw one of yours that features a floppy disc(!). How that came up? What stuff is in it and how people should be able to listen to it?

I realized that many labels were handling this format and I thought it was a good idea to release the music of Dream of The Damned to offer one more option for fans.

Today you can buy players Floppy to hear this type of format, but the downside is that the audio format is not high quality that is reduced in size, but is a good option is as limited material collection and underground, as I see it.

What’s the plans for 2015? More releases? Any chances of a live gig?

In April 2015 the first full-length album Dream of The Damned called A Taste of Insanity be released in Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine) and WINTERWOLF Records (Germany) and possibly a Split midyear.

Unfortunately I can not play live because I have not found committed musicians and have the level and ideology to be part of the lineup of session musicians Dream of The Damned but I’m still searching.

Thanks for the interview, now you can have your word. Hasta!

Gracias por la entrevista y su interés en mi música, la música de Dream of The Damned es honesto que capturo en mi música que yo vivo, son las experiencias de mi maldita vida.

Saludos a todos los fans de mi música y los lectores de este blog dedicado al metal, mi música es para todos ustedes sin un blog como este sin gente escuchando mi música no sería nadie.

No Fate…

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