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Black Folly Interview (Post Black Metal: Baabda, Lebanon)


Mondo Satania is getting even more global! Here’s our first interview with a middle-east band. Directly from Lebanon, comes Black Folly, with his instrumental post black metal music. Check this out as he also recommends other Lebanese bands for us!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Black Folly.

Black Folly’s music is the projection of my personal opinion on life.
The music follows a rather sinusoidal path where there are ups and downs in the moods that the melodies deliver.

black-folly COVER ARTFirst of all, could you give us an overview of the metal scene in Lebanon? Until now, I haven’t heard of many acts coming from this country.

Personally I would say that the metal scene in Lebanon has never flourished like it should, but never the less new projects are emmerging every now and then keeping it alive.

Could you name some names of interesting underground metal bands in Lebanon?

First names that come to mind are “Kaoteon” and “ORDUM” ,these are personally my two favorite local metal bands, there is also “Blaakyum”, “Kimaera” and the list goes on…

black-folly photo 2I’ve read that a couple of years ago there was a censorship campaign in your country to ban some concerts and albums, because they were against the Lebanese Law and could have subliminal messages. Did you experience that? What was your reaction and how hard was (or is) to be in a black metal band there?

Personally I did not experience this wave of censorship because my music is first underground and second it does not evoke any sensitive or taboo subjects. To be honest I have retreated from the Lebanese metal scene a long time ago. I have chosen a more “distant” path in Metal music.

Your music have some connections with black metal, of course, but I can hear elements of other styles, such as post-metal (bands like Pelican and Russian Circles comes to mind) and also gothic music, especially on the use of synths and some of the guitar riffs. Where do you get your inspiration from? What’s your main influences?

My influences come from a wide variety of musical genres ranging from Metal to Classical. Basically I am influenced by any music that I find good, whichever the genre may be.


Why did you chose Black Folly to be an one-man band? What’s your process of recording? Do you do everything at your home?

Black Folly was always destined to be a one man project since it represents the vision of one man. Yes every thing is done at home from composing to recording and programming .

As a solo musician, what’s your main instrument? Most of one-man bands are made by guitarists or keyboard players and the music tends to be more linear. But I can hear some good variation in rhythm in it, which is quite interesting.

I would say there is no main instrument, every instrument is as equally important.

You have 3 records so far. Were those all self-released or were you into a label? Also, did you only release it digitally or are there any physical copies of it around the world?

To be precise I have 5 records but only 3 of them are on social networks.All five records wer originally release with Ukrainian label “Depressive illusions records” then re-released with several other underground labels.

What’s the plans for 2015, are you planning to release more stuff? Maybe playing live?

I’m a currently working on a new album that will be released later in 2015, as for playing live I am not planning any appearances any time soon.

Thanks for the interview, now you have the word. وداعا الآن

Thank you and best of luck for the blog.

More links to Black Folly:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackfollymusic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMarwanantonios
Bandcamp: https://blackfolly.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blackfolly
Metal archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Black_Folly/3540326310

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