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Enthauptung Interview (Cascadian BM: Buffalo, USA)

Enthauptung-Enthauptung_logoENTHAUPTUNG (decaptation in german) is a cascadian/post black metal band from Buffalo, New York that pushes the limits of the style. Their music is very introspective and well crafted. They released music by cool River Red Family Records label and promise a killer new album for 2015. This guys sound like they’re going to be big!

Please, describe the music and the aesthetics of Enthauptung.

It has been hard for us to pinpoint an exact title as to what kind of black metal we are. While we host a lot of the characteristics of Cascadian and post black metal, we are still a bit more aggressive and grimacing at points. Especially with our new, unrecorded material. All in all we are thick, hypnotic, and overtaking black metal that heaps with atmosphere. We host a dark and ethereal aesthetic, and the music has a lot to do with dreaming and negative emotions.

Enthauptung-Liveshot2. When I listen to some bands, the music can sound very imagery. I mean, there’s certain parts that evoke some kind of scenes, as in a movie soundtrack. Your music, for example, sometimes makes me feel like I’m walking through an old doomed house. Do you think of that when you writing? Like, this part should bring some special feeling whatsoever?

There is definitely an image and mood associated with the music we have written. Not any of the music we have written has not been inspired by some sort of experience or emotion. I can associate a story or idea with each of the songs. For example, the lyrics of Circadian are inspired by a very vivid yet serene lucid dream I had back in a time when I was rather miserable, and the solos in that song were written to reflect the mood of that dream.

Although very organic, Enthauptung also have some big atmospheric vibe. How do you translate that to your live performances? Do you expect to bring the same vibe from the recording to the live show? Your live video even show candles, skulls and things like that on the stage.

Our aesthetic translates quite well at most of our shows. Visual aesthetics are a great aid to the atmosphere. This is why we like to turn off all the lights and burn candles and incense. If the physical setting is right, the music will be just that more impactful. We don’t like to stop the music or talk much when we play, as we want it to be as overtaking of an experience as we can make it.

You guys were playing together in other bands before Enthauptung, right? What band was and how it sounded like?

We started off with various projects, trying to discover our style. Right before Enthauptung three of the four of us had a slam death metal band going called Ailment. It was fun, though dwindled off for various reasons. We have been talking recently about reviving our death metal efforts when we have some time to do so. If you search for “Ailment at the Funeral Home” on youtube you can get a chance to see how we sounded right before we started doing black metal. Also, both Dan’s have helped Joe out with performances with his stoner doom band, Sekhet.

Black metal seems no longer to be stuck with the satanic and dirty aesthetics it used to have. Genres like post-rock have been increasingly incorporated into this music. Do you think the new wave of USBM and Cascadian bands are responsible for that?

Bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Weakling, and Skagos are the heavy hitters in popularizing this more ethereal, majestic sounding black metal. There is a handful of Cascadian bands that I feel are doing it right, among the plethora of others who are releasing the same stuff over and over. Yellow Eyes is a good example of one of the bands keeping it interesting. People have every right to prefer the satanic black metal over the modern style, but to claim that non satanic black metal is not actually black metal is absurd. A genre of music is defined by its musicial traits, not by the ideologies behind it. For some reason black metal elitists think the ideology defines the genre of music, and I have just never cared to agree with this. Themes and ideologies can be highly associated with a genre, but they don’t define it.

You have a full length coming up. How is it going to sound compared to the old songs? Do you see an evolution from your original sound?

As a band we have matured greatly. The musicianship has skyrocketed, and our ability to work together to write music on the spot is something we are working on perfecting. With our full length we feel the listeners will notice a darker and more entrancing vibe, alongside generally greater musicianship and songwriting capabilities. All in all we think people will be blown away. There are a lot of fans of our current music, including ourselves, but we feel the new songs we are working on blow the previous material out of the water.

Speaking of recordings, you haven’t played many gigs so far. Do you consider yourselves a studio or a live band?

I can’t say we have considered ourselves as either. There has been an excellent response to both our recordings and our performances. We are looking to enhance ourselves in both fields. After we release this full length, we intend on executing a mini tour in August, with our end point being at Pray for Death Fest in Connecticut. In various instances we have been looked right in the eye by touring bands that we had the honor to play with and told that we are too excellent of a band to not be touring. We intend to pursue this. Enthauptung will be a professional band, and this entails both live performances and a line of recorded material.

Also on recording, most of the so called recording/studio black metal bands have a lofi sound, but your recordings a very well produced. What do you think about that?

The answer for this is very simple. We don’t think lo-fi sounds good. We spend a lot of time writing our music and planning intricate harmonies between the guitars, which we don’t want to be lost in a poor recording. We also like our music to sound as massive as we can make it in a recording, and this is hard to achieve with a lo-fi production.

Thanks for the interview, now you have the word. Cheers!

Thanks to you as well, we appreciate the time and opportunity.

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Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.


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