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Psalm 88: Label profile (Berkeley, USA)

pslam88Psalm 88 is a sister label for Acephale Winter Productions, has been active since Mid-2014 and releases Hand-dubbed C20s.

We work with a lot of the same bands as Acephale Winter Productions, as well as projects associated with Dunnock.

Raw black metal, blacknoise, experimental, other dark and harsh genres to come in the future.

PSALM 88 is a DIY style sub-label of Acephale Winter Productions that specializes in releasing raw and primitive black metal, black noise, and other harsh and dark genres of music on hand-dubbed C20 cassettes.  We have an additionally focus on projects that are part of the greater Acephale Winter family.

Always looking for bands playing Raw, experimental, noisy, brutal, weird, harsh, odd, primative, lo-fi, haunting, haunted…. Bands should be raw and be unique.  Be willing to work within the constraints of the C20 format.

Full discography:

-Dunnock-Promo 2014
-Xarkrinur-Dark Rituals
-Die Entweihung-The Last Shelter
-Behold Darkness-I
-Tokul-Alpine Graves

Darkness is now my only companion.

Bandcamp: psalm88.bandcamp.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUj7pkEBmNIIvKf5Z03q4uA


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