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Acephale Winter Productions: Label profile (Berkeley, USA)


Forward thinking black metal and black metal related sub-genres such as dark ambient and black noise.

Unique, forward thinking 21st century black metal, blacknoise, blackgaze, blackened doom, and dark ambient that isn’t disgustingly over-produced.

AWP does not believe in “signing” bands.  We collaborate with bands as long as they are willing to work with us, but they are not in any way beholden to the label.  Some repeat offenders include Moloch, Die Entweihung, Infera Bruo, and Dunnock.

The label has been functional since January 1st, 2013 and releases music through tape, download, and the occasional CD, though nothing is ruled out. The catalog has 18-20 releases, depending on how you count them.

Acephale Winter Productions is an unconventional craft label from Berkeley, California that specializes in unconventional black metal.  We do not believe in legally binding contracts and deny the idea that labels own the rights to the music that bands release with them.  We support free speech but find racism, prejudice, and hatred to be fairly uninteresting.

They are always looking for bands, though the release schedule is pretty full.

Full discography:

-Dunnock-The Rainy Season (cassette)
-Ringbearer-The Dark Side of the Mountain (cassette)
-Despot-Cold Deliverance (digital reissue)
-Die Entweihung-The Cage (cassette)
-Infera Bruo-Desolate Unknown (cassette)
-Synsophony-Karmic Existence (digital)
-Moloch-Depressive Black Metal Plague (cassette)
-Barrowlands-Demo 2012 (cassette)
-Nefas Terra-Life in Darkness (cassette)
-Funeral Fornication-Fornography (cassette)
-Dhampyr-Withdrawals & Candy Heavens (cassette)
-Synsophony-Rabbit Hole (cassette)
-Moloch-Verwustung (cassette)
-Die Entweihung-Despair Division (cassette)
-The End-You Made The Rain Disappear… (digital reissue)
-Sleep Deprived-Transcendence Through Bonding of Psychedelic Phenomenon (cassette)
-Obsidian Tongue/In Human Form/Autolatry/Infera Bruo-Northeastern Hymns (digital split)
-Dhampyr-Oceanclots (Cassette/CD/Deluxe Double Cassette)

Never stop.

Jacob Thomas – A&R
Aidan O’Flynn – Graphics and Design
P. – Spiritual Guidance

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Acephale-Winter-Productions/454667141272558
Bandcamp: acephalewinter.bandcamp.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUj7pkEBmNIIvKf5Z03q4uA


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