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6 Black Metal bands from JAPAN (Bandcamp roundup)

blackmetal-bandcamp-roundupThe land of sunshine can also be and dark and gloom as the nightfall.

The Bandcamp roundup this week go all the way to Asia to find what’s being released in Japan on the realm of Black Metal. You won’t find any baby metal here.

It wasn’t a very easy task, sounds like there aren’t that many BM bands over there (or maybe they don’t like bandcamp very much). But here you will find very good music I could find. Enjoy and support the bands!

Are you in a Japanese Black metal band? Please get in touch. We wanna hear from you!



Amazing melodic/shoegaze black metal band from Akita, Japan.


Pure fucking armaggedon from Tokyo, Japan!


Beautiful depressive black metal from Japan

Aversion of Mankind

Suggestive name from this doomed and depressive band from Japan.


One-man black metal band from Osaka, Japan.


Old school black metal from Japan plus Lucera from Colombia


Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.


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