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Afraid of Destiny Interview (DSBM: Treviso, Italy)


Italy has been presenting us with lots of bands, specially on the DSBM field. The duo AFRAID OF DESTINY is another example of one those good underground DSBM acts from the land of pizza. Enjoy this interview by Mondo Satania!

Please describe the music and the aesthetics of Afraid of Destiny.

Afraid of Destiny’s music is the reflection of my depressed side. I try to put all my bad experiences into what I write. This is some kind of a therapy to me.
The music I write is melancholic and melodic, but at the same time it’s aggressive whenever it needs to be.

AdimereItaly is top country covered in this blog and most of bands rely on the one-man DSBM/atmospheric band. Do you think that this is a trend on the italian black metal scene? Is there actually lots of black metal bands in Italy or I’m just cherry picking?

Hahaha, you are not a cherry picker. Actually there are lots of Black Metal, here in my Country, and some of them should be definitely more famous than now.
Anyway one-man-bands are becoming a trend all over the world. In Italy like in the USA or in Sweden. In my opinion the “one-man-band” thing is a little annoying, and that’s one of the reasons why Ayperos joined this project.

I liked very much the dialogue samples you used on the Abigail single. Where did you get the samples from? Samples like this used to be very popular among industrial and electronic bands, but not quite so in black metal. Do you think it suits well for DSBM songs?

In the song Abigail (which is a cover of Happy Days’ song) I used the same sample of the original song by downloading the Italian version of the movie “Closer” and I ripped off the audio of that particular part.
Samples have to be used with moderation. It may fit in the song, or it may not. Sometimes a great song may be boring because of the samples.

What drove you into the DS style? Were you into black metal already or is this your first black metal related attempt?

I had been driven into DSBM by a friend of mine. He let me know bands like Trist, and everything began with a “You should listen to this.”, and things like these.
Afraid of Destiny started as an ambient/black metal project called Vitam Nihil Est (I released a demo under that name, and you can listen to it on YouTube), but this is my first black metal attempt.

Listening to all those DSBM bands like yours, I wonder if this would be something like the new Doom or Gothic. Do you agree with that?

DSBM is also considered something like “Depressive Doom Metal” by others, so I think it can be considered the new doom metal. It has slow tempos, sad melodies, and it’s very similar to it under some points of views.

AyperosWhat’s your main influences when making music?

When I try to compose I am influenced by bands like Austere, Woods of Desolation, Through the Pain, Heretoir, Gris, but also a lot of post-rock and shoegaze stuff.

The Tears of Solitude came out by Rigorsim productions, which released lots of bands covered on this blog. What’s your relationship with them and how did you get your music release there?

Tears of Solitude had been released under Rigorism Production because they asked me if I wanted to release it through them. I got a message on Facebook by the label and I accepted the offer. Now it’s a while since I don’t have news from them.

Thanks for the interview, now you can have your word. Ciao!

We are planning to release an EP very soon, and also the second full-lenght album entitled “Agony”. Further new will come in the next weeks.
Please keep supporting the underground black metal scene.
Thank you for the interview, and “Ciao a tutti”!

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