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Black Cascade Interview (Post Black Metal: Salvador, Bahia)


BLACK CASCADE is part of a new black metal scene in Bahia, that has been renewing a style that was once dominated by bands such Mystifier and Headhunter DC. Mixing all kinds of influences like Post Rock, Cascadian and Crustcore, they bring a fresh air of creativity on the local scene. Essa entrevista também está em português aqui.

1. Please describe the music and aesthetics of Black Cascade.

Black Cascade follows a line closer to Atmospheric Black Metal, considering all kinds of influences that please us, even when it’s not classically Black Metal. We don’t have a problem in listening things like Post-rock or Crust and we’re interested in have have these characteristics.

1504151_850983038256844_7355274681144137455_n2. You come from Bahia, land of Mystifier and Headhunter. Do you think that their revival recently gave a new breath to Bahia’s metal? By the way, how is the scene over there nowadays? Do you recommend some local band?

Mystifier and Headhunter are great bands with a great history, but they don’t move the local scene. They rarely play in Salvador (note: Bahia’s main city).
I really don’t remember when was the last Mystifier concert that I saw in Salvador, but I believe it was in 2012, I can’t remember.
A part from that, the Bahia scene is getting very strong! But it’s not because of bands that ONLY show up on events like Palco do Rock and play one gig a year. No! I talk about bands active in the scene! Bands that make it happen, organize gigs, that are recording and promoting themselves!

They are not bands the make a living by playing cover songs, they are bands that make their one music and have their own character!

We have LOTS of bands on the Bahian scene making music with quality like Escarnium, Aphorism, Mácula, RxCxEx(Rotten Cadaveric Execration), Agnósia, MxDxCx, among others. All these bands deserve maximum respect and they have really good recorded material!

3. The name of the band is taken from a Wolves in the Throne Room. Do you consider them as a big influence? Which other names do you take as a reference?

That’s for sure! In fact, it is the name of the album!
Wolves in the Throne Room is a band that influences us from way before Black Cascade!

Along the bands that I consider a unanimous influence among band members, I’d say that we have as an influence, mainly Wolves, Emperor, Deafheaven and Lake of Blood as the international ones. However we are VERY MUCH influenced and we like a lot some local bands, like Mácula, Aphorism and even Life is a Lie, which in my opinion was the best brazilian band ever. hahahaha

Besides the band’s influences, we also have a strong taste by bands like Dr. Góre, RxCxEx and Escarnium, which are also bands from Salvador.

10574148_836768983011583_3657531023741731593_n4. Your music have lots of atmospheric parts and others extremely heavy. How do you manage to reprode this mix live?

Well, originally, we are a power trio with voice, guitar and drums, therefore, the atmospheres from the songs were thought only in a clean guitar. However, as time went by, we talked to a friend of the band, Ozzy and he started to write the synth lines that are recorded on the CD over what we had and it went great! Our next gigs will be with live keyboards.

5. So far, you released one single and were on a compilation from the Crust or Die label. What’s the plans for 2015?

2015 will be a insane year!

We have 2 songs from our CD going around on bandcamp, Into the wild pt 2 and Arise. Last sunday, I finished recording the vocals for our debut CD, Mirkwood. So we’ll have a full lenght CD pretty soon going on the scene.
Besides the CD, we recorded a video for the song Perception, which will be on the CD as well. This song is inspired on the Twin Peaks series, telling a little about one of the characters from the series.

6. Thanks for the interview, now this your space.

Thanks to MONDO SATANIA for the invitation!

I, Gláuber, talk in the name of the Black Cascade and I really thank you for the invitation! Everyone in the band were happy with the invitation and we will be there for you! I hope you also invite more bands from our scene to this chat.
To the readers, curious people, bloggers and people who like a heavy work, well.. I can’t guess why you’re here reading this interview, but I’m glad that you are here.

Wanna here Black Cascade? Go to:

Wanna know us better?
Look for Black Cascade on Facebook!

Wanna see live videos? Look for Black Cascade on VIMEO. Our drummer, Adriano, has his own personal account with SEVERAL videos of us playing. Rehersals and live shows.
Wanna se us live? Follow our Facebook!

March, 7th we’ll play the Penumbra Festival, in Camaçari with the bands Escarnium, Mácula, RxCxEx, Aphorism, Ironbound, Kalmia and Dr. Góre. 10 bucks to get in, more details on our facebook page.

Whoever is in Bahia or want to know the band and local scene, check this festival out, because there will be lots of good bands! A very active crowd will be on this festival, so who’s able to attend it, show up! Show up to enjoy, have a beer and smoke some weed.

Thanks a LOT for the space and I hope one day to play at the city of everyone’s who had read this interview.

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.


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  1. […] Black Cascade faz parte da nova cena black metal da Bahia, que vem renovando o estilo que já foi dominado por bandas como Mystifier e Headhunter DC. Misturando todo influências diversas como Post Rock, Cascadian e Crustcore, eles prometem um novo sopro de criatividade na cena local. This interview is also in English here. […]


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