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Northorn Interview (DSBM: Manado, Indonesia)


NORTHORN is the first asian band to be interviewed by Mondo Satania. It’s a DSBM one-man band that comes from Indonesia, a country whose president is a Napalm Death fan and also is going to kill a brazilian guy. Two interesting facts for a brazilian Napalm Death fan like myself.

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Northorn.

Northorn was my oneman project since i created it in 2011 (I also have a Black metal band called Hellsing),in the time when my band was vacuum,i tried to made my own music and found my own sound in this depressive black metal music,i often describe it with Doom/Depressive black metal,it is not just a project maded by fad but later became more seriously presents my suicidal behavior,i used a lot of my self-harm photos in the artworks and CD also in the paintings.

579364_530837907013369_1962552621_nYou’re the first asian band that Mondo Satania talks to. How is the black metal scene in Indonesia? I know you have a quite respectable metal scene over there, right?

Actually this is my first interview also…for the Death metal scene,yes it’s so huge here…for the Black metal here in indonesia i would like to say that we’ve a very underground way,for the example many BM band/project just like mine often produced their stuff in limited self-released copies,the labels itself do the same,because the existence of labels that you yourself could counting it with fingers,that’s why many of them especially who played DSBM or something like that are make a choice to released their stuff outside
the country,but we have some great BM bands just like Hellgods,Impish,Durhaka,Vallendusk etc have a lot of listener in the scene and in international…

I recently saw a documentary that talks how metal was censored in Indonesia in a near past. Were you already involved in metal back then? What was to be a metalhead on those years? And what impact did this have on the present scene and music from Indonesia?

It’s happened around 90’s…(i’m 20) just a child in that time,i just hear it from many older friends,it’s happened nearly when chaos surrounded the concert of some big international metal bands,after that,the public outside metal are assume that this is will caused the bad impact for the youth…but later people have more open minded
about it,for now we have a president who like metal musics too,he often came in the metal festival,he really appreciated the arts and this culture 😉

What local underground bands could you recommend for a black metal oriented audience like ours?

I recommended Warkvlt (Apocalyptical battle hymne) this is a pure one,beside it also Durhaka,this band is from my town,Manado,the small city in northern sulawesi…they are played Symphonic/melodic BM,the sound’s just like Dimmu and Cradle…Also i like Vallendusk, the Atmospheric BM/Folk BM band who sounds great,they all have many
listener in my country…

532942_711284452302046_968061471898964240_nNorthorn have a quite big discography over the last 3-4 years. And you have released your music through several labels. Most of it outside Asia, from countries like Russia, Ukraine and England. How did you get that kind of exposure? Being from your region made you look more exotic to European ears and eyes?

Indeed…I begins to know many friends out there since i created Northorn,the DSBM music is just like a stranger in indonesia,and i think they (out there) have more respect about the music like this,doesn’t matter where did you come from but you played what they want to listen..

Some of your releases were out on cassette, do you think that it’s a format that suits well this kind of lofi Black metal?

I think yes,in so many case the local metal cassettes is very rare in indonesia,many bands here choose the CD for their releases

What’s your plans for the near future? Is there going to be more releases in 2015?

I have planned to do split this year with some bands,i have recorded the next stuff in this period…

Thanks for the interview. Now you can say whatever you want. Terima kasih!

Just want to say i thanks to a lot of people out there who appreciated this musics,and fuck to all of them who played DSBM just for fun with their unserios,fake and unpurity. This kind of music was different,DSBM is not for everyone…
After all,Thanks for you,hope you always success hail Mondo Satania!

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