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Nero Barlume Interview (DSBM: Caserta, Italy)


Another cool black metal from Italy. Going through DSBM, ambient, Post and all sorts of modern black metal subgenres, NERO BARLUME presents his unique sound. Also courtesy of his main instrument, one that is not very common in this style, the Flute.

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Nero Barlume.
I’ve always felt a great attraction to black metal, its spirit and the emotions it can give, especially through its most introspective branches. The aim of my project “Nero Barlume” is to show and express what I hide in my inner self, in my soul, what I feel.
It could be defined as a black metal/DSBM/ambient (maybe post-black metal?) project that intends to create the right atmosphere to express my favorite existential themes: philosophy, psychology, misanthropy. And almost no violence; I believe that sometimes (though not always) violence in music hasn’t got much sense and reason to be, even in the youngest branches like deathcore (which are becoming more and more empty and meaningless). I am convinced that black metal is a kind of music very fit to experimentations in spite of its being considered a “cliché”; you just have got to have the right skills and the appropriate tools. The remaking of classical music themes and works in a black metal style as I did in “Alla Fine – Marcia Funebre”, my EP’s outro, will be one of my most peculiar features. It’s very important to me that my works can evoke the dark feelings I want to express.

967949_10204599340457732_1881155589_nYou’ve got a degree in music, specially flute. Were you already into metal when started to study music?
I could say I was born in music. I’ve been encouraged to take up musical studies since I was a child. I’ve tried out various and different musical instruments besides flute, drums above all. I “discovered” metal when I was about 15 years old. I had already been studying flute for some years, but in spite of this I was still looking for some kind of music that could give me more than all that useless, unsatisfying commercial stuff could do. In metal I found what I’d been searching for: a good alternative to classical music that could give me the same emotions. I dare not imagine what composers like Chopin could have been doing with the tools we’ve got now!

There’s an interesting flute solo in one of your songs, how do you use your skill in your music? Do you try to use that to differentiate your music from others?
I actually played the flute in two tracks: “La Vita Fugge” and “La Danza dell’Inquietudine”… Thank you for defining it “interesting”. You know, some reviewers didn’t appreciate it at all. I use the flute not only to differentiate myself and my music from the other numberless black metal artists; I find it a very versatile instrument, that’s why I want to employ it to create hypnotic and ghostly effects.

Your bandcamp page says your record is 800 euros. Was that intentional?
Oh no, it’s not intentional at all! I don’t want to sell “La Vita Fugge” in a digital format at the moment. I don’t intend to make music in order to earn money. I believe that music and art should have no commercial purposes. It’s a price I put there just for fun… You can laugh about it!

What do you think about this trend of one-man bands right now? Specially in the DSBM scene?
I think it’s a choice, rather than a trend. Black metal is a kind of music that really tends to individualism (especially DSBM), because introspection and intimate sufferings are very private matters. I won’t deny that there are so many worthless one man bands… I decided to set up my own one man band because I could play various instruments, I wanted to express my soul without sharing other people’s thoughts and write my own music in total freedom. I feel very close to Black metal, it’s MY music, and I’d say I’m self-sufficient.

10893721_10204599340537734_343265560_nI liked the art cover of the cd very much. Is it a short run release? Is it through a label?
Thank you. I’ve completely created it on my own. What has been considered really astonishing – as it’s so rare in black metal – is its white colour, it’s in fact the main colour of the cover. I chose the white to make it look vaguely “gothic” or “shoegaze”.

What italian black metal bands would you recommend? You’re the second one I interview to this blog, sounds like you have a prolific scene there.
Here in Italy there are some well-known bands: “Forgotten Tomb”, for example, that managed to create their own peculiar style in a mix of doom metal and southern rock (on a black metal basis, of course) ; “Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico” (some saw a sort of resemblance between Nero Barlume and MdAE), “Graveworm”‘s symphonic black, “Aborym” ‘s industrial black… “Tenebrae in Perpetuum”, “Malfeitor”, “Beatrik”, “Khephra”. However, in spite of the great number of bands in my country, black metal is almost unknown in my area; there’s much ignorance about music,you can find just some hardcore/metalcore stuff.

Thanks, now you can say what you want.
Thanks for your interest in Nero Barlume and for this interview!
P.S.: the only important thing is to make music with your heart and your soul.

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