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Deflagrator Interview (Old School Black Metal: Italy)


One more time, Italy is showing its being a source of all kinds of black metal bands. DEFLAGRATOR is no different. These guys play metal by the good and old standards. Paying homage to great heroes of the 80’s but yet sounding fresh to our years. Check this interview with bass player Hertier. Ciao!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Deflagrator.

Sonic terrorism. Deflagration implies roars, bombardments, anything related to war. And our personal war is to give a huge kick in the ass to our weak, plastic local scene.
We started out as an early reaction, just like Punk bands do. Attitude is everything in this kind of music, and for this reason we are not afraid to hide our bond to the Punk scene. We must never forget where 80’s Black Metal bands came from (Bathory, Venom, Bulldozer etc.), and Punk is the answer. Our music is kind of a revival of these bands, yet under constant development in order to sound fresh (which does NOT mean modern!) in 2015.

BandI was listening to your last record “Raising Weapons for the Beast”. Although you play some kind of raw black/thrash metal, the recording and mixing are quite good when we compare to some lo-fi black metal recordings. Were you looking for some balance in it?

We are literally in love with lo-fi productions, crappy recordings by bands from outer worlds and shit like that! And we are analog nostalgic as well. But that quality is something we might wanna hear on demos or minor releases. A debut full-length must be able to prove the actual band’s skills, and a good recording/mixing is the key. “Raising Weapons for the Beast”, though, is absolutely far from being a perfect work. There is no compression, no cut/paste shit, and you can also hear small errors performing here and there, since we choose to let the songs sound as natural as we play them live. So yes, we definitely tried to reach balance between old fashioned ways of recording and an overall good sound quality.

Your music made me travel directly to the 80’s. It also reminded me of some brazilian bands from that era (early Sepultura, Dorsal Atlântica and others). Do you think there’s a 80’s revival in the metal scene?

You’re damn right about our devotion to Brazilian and South American school! Our songwriting in “Raising Weapons for the Beast” was deeply influenced by Sarcofago, Vulcano, Mystifier, Mutilator and stuff like that. So it sort of came out like a tribute to the old Brazilian glories.
There are plenty of bands out there trying to bring back those days to new life in their music, and they do it great! I personally think we need more and more of them.

Still speaking of old and new. Do you like of the modern sub-genres of black metal or do you prefer to stick with the classics?

I think Metal can evolve also by sticking to its real roots, without becoming some kind of hilarious self-parody like many modern bands do. My personal listenings vary from a very wide range of genres, but when it comes to Black Metal I’d rather grab those old classics which made it all start. Deflagrator is an embodiment of this old but still living spirit.

cover-photo 2Your lineup cites both studio and live musicians. Why do you have different musicians doing these duties. Are you planning to stick only with one lineup for future recordings and live gigs?

Well, actually we don’t have any session musician. It’s just me and Vinz interchanging our roles from studio to live, since I play bass live but make most of the compositions on guitar when rehearsing. I recorded both guitars and bass on the album, and so did Vinz.

You’re the second Italian band that I interview for this blog and I know there’s plenty more. What underground black metal bands would you recommend?

If you scavenge in the Italian underground, you’ll definitely find tons of pleasant surprises you’ve never heard of before. The list would be very long, so I’ll just cite a few names: Demonomancy, Bunker 66, Noia, Barbarian, Necrovomit, Tyrannizer Order, Necromancer, NAGA.

You’ve been active since 2009. What’s your discography and what 2015 can wait from Deflagrator?

So far we released a tape EP back in 2011 through Rawblackult Productions (Bolivia), re-released in the same year as a split CD album with Necromancer by Austral Holocaust Productions (Peru).
On January 17th our debut full-length “Raising Weapons for the Beast” will officially be released by Deathrash Amrageddon (Japan) in CD format. It will also be available through the band itself.
2015 will be totally dedicated to the promotion of our album, so we’ll be touring all over Italy and Europe throughout the year. Soon we’ll reveal important news about the next gigs.

Thanks for the interview, now the word is yours.

Thank you for the interest in our music, keep up the great scouting work!
You can get in touch with us and buy our album through bandcamp or by dropping us a line to deflagrator@hotmail.it.
For any update check us out on facebook.


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