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Cryostasium Interview (Dark Ambient Metal: Boston, USA)


Boston used to be home of grind/crust icons like Anal Cunt and Disrupt, but if you dig, you can find Black Metal related acts like CRYOSTASIUM. Making music for some 16 years now, you check this schizophrenic experimental act, mixing harsh noise with black metal and everything in between.

Please describe the music and aesthetics of Cryostasium.

My music, if it had to be labeled, is at its basics, dark ambient metal.  Sometimes I will do some stuff more on the dark ambient side, and then stuff more on the metal side.  I even did some punk albums and probably will do more.  It all has a a couple common threads I think though, that it’s dark, it’s ambient, and it’s always heavy.  The aesthetic….it’s really one of the only places I can go to not be depressed or suicidal.  The dark aspect I guess comes from me listening to that kind of music..black metal in particular, But I also listen to shoegaze rock, a whole lot of punk rock, old 80’s goth/darkwave, I’m sure that all happens in my music somewhere.  For the listener, I at least hope, for it to be a sonic cocoon.  That’s what it does for me, and I hope the same from the listener, but I understand their own interpretations

cryophoto1You’ve been in the scene for quite while. You started in 1999 as The Abhorrer moniker. Why did you change to Cryostasium 4 years later?

Well.  Going very very much back, I started the Abhorrer (namely) because a lot of hatred was coming out.  I was writing pure black metal.  None of this stuff I can even FIND, the demos and such, they’re probably lost in a tape case somewhere in the middle of town.  Anyway, I changed the name to Cryostasium because things were just cold then for me.  Not so much black and full of hatred, but just cold and…nothing.  The name sticks basically because I still like it, but it doesn’t represent “cold and nothing” anymore.

You’ve been playing and recording for more than 15 years. Do you see any difference in being in a band like that today (with facebook, bandcamp and illegal downloads) as it was back then, when the internet was stiil on it’s infancy?

Bands are definitely getting lost.  A lot more people cared about music when I was growing up in the early 80’s/90’s….music was a big part of someone’s life, mine included.  Now there are very few of us left, people don’t seem interested truly in music anymore, and if they are, yes, they would rather “like” their Facebook page, or stream the Bandcamp.  Yes I have both…Bandcamp and Facebook, but I want my music to be exposed.  Since I have joined these big media sites, I’ve had a lot more exposure.  I also offer my albums for free download.  I think there are ups and downs to the social media thing, but not much interest anymore in music in general, these days.

A quick view on your bandcamp page and it shows a huge lists of releases. Where do you take your inspiration from to make so many records? Do you fear to repeat your self sometimes?

I make so many records because that’s just how I do it.  I write a song pretty much every day, and put out an album or so every few months, maybe even successive months.   I also write so many different types of music, whether it be with my brother in CTM, or other projects I’ve done with Macabre Enslaver (Italy) and Dolby Holocaust Surround (Italy) – always been busy doing some music.  It just happens. And no, no fear of repeating myself, I just write what I hear and don’t look back.

Your music sounds has a fucking harsh sound to me. Almost as ear blowing as the old japanese noise bands like Merzbow and the likes. Do you have some influence of these alternative styles?

It is rather noisy huh?  Thanks haha!  Well yeah I get the sonic aspect from like noise and shoegaze rock, just that real thick, fuzzy airy sound.  The kind of sound that infiltrates your being.

Your “bio” says that this project is only active sometimes. How do you manage that? What makes to activate and reactivate it?

Yeah, I have to change that about it.  I’m no longer “existing from time to time”…I just am.  And that is it.  I don’t see this stopping.

cryophoto2Although you’re an one-man band, one of your pictures show you playing live. Do you play gigs or is it from other project?

There’s pictures around the internet of, yes, Cryostasium live.  In 2005-2007 I played live briefly, actually one show opening for December Wolves.  That was just my brother and I in that form of the live lineup.  Now I have a full band.  2 guitarists, a bassist, drummer, (all members from the bands Barren Oak and Soul Remnants)  and my brother does the sounds.  I am doing vocals only live now.

Thanks for the interview, you’re welcome to say what you want.

Hope you enjoy my music.  Thanks for checking it out.

Check Cryostasium on the following links:


Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

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