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The Unchaining (Atmospheric BM: Gorizia, Italy)

PastedGraphic-1The UNCHAINING is another one-man band and he comes from Gorizia, Italy. He has released some records so far. Sounds like Italy is a good place for DIY Black Metal related projects. Check him out now!

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of The Unchaining.

The Unchaining is a one man band of Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal, i try to make a blend of old symphonic black metal and atmospheric black metal with elements of epic black metal.

You’re the third italian band that I interview. Looks like the black metal undeground scene is going pretty well there. How do you see it?

I don’t know if a “scene” still exist,i think that there are a lot of good band but i don’t think that they are part of a scene.

Could you name some local BM related bands that you admire and recommend?

I don’t know directly a lot of bands,i can recommend ancient, that are a band formed by italian and norwegian members, and a band where play a friend of mine called aganis,you can find them on facebook and i think that they are really good!

Copertina4You’ve released 4 records through several labels in a short span of time. How did you manage that? What’s been the response of the audience?

I don’t know how i have managed it ah ah ah,i just record my albums and put them on the bandcamp page,than if a label is interested is better šŸ™‚

I also interviewed several one man black metal projects for this blog. Do you see this as a trend now? Why did you decided to do it alone?

I think that it is better to play a one man band cause i can record my album when i want and how i prefer, i think that a lot of musicians also play in one man bands cause this genre has a great atmosphere in the recordings, more than in concerts.

Do you plan to play this music live? Or do you think this is only meant to be heard and not seen?

I don’t plan to play concerts for now.

You have a new album coming out from Behemoth Productions. Could you tell us more about that?

i don’t already know if the album will be released by behomoth production, but i’m in contact with the label and probably they will release the album, also because i have already one album released by them. The new album is a good blend of the previous albums in my opinion, it has a lot of epic elements but also atmospheric.

Thanks for the interview, now it’s your time to say whatever you want. Ciao!

thanks to you for the interview!

Check out The Unchaining at:


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