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Asura Interview (Post Black Metal: Pereira, Colombia)

10918864_10152700686322648_2098671498_oAnother band from Colombia! ASURA mixes the power of Black Metal with the harmonies and melodies of post rock with no fear of sounding and looking different from most of bands in the scene. Check them out now!

Please, tell us more about the music and aesthetics of Asura.

Music is based on black metal and atmospheric stuff with a lot of contrasts, is a mix of several styles unrelated with black metal.

10846004_613159492146332_5906778422322351679_nI saw your promo picture before I listened to the music. I was quite surprised when I heard “Early morning sky” because it’s a pretty extreme piece and you guys don’t look at all like a typical black metal band. Why did you chose not to look like most of BM outfits there?

We take the musical style and lyrical style of DSBM but we don’t like use classical outfit of the genre, we love black metal because is a very versatile genre.

Although some your songs have extreme moments as mentioned, you also have some pretty slow and melodic parts, that connects more with the post rock sound. I can even hear some Isis echo there. What’s your main influences to make this music?

We take some harmonic progressions and the use of a lot of effects from post rock bands like Godspeed you black Emperor, God is an astronaut and Explosions in the sky.

Do you find acceptance on other audiences, such as the post rock and non black metal dudes?

Yes, we have acceptance of people Non related to black metal but we invite the black metal scene to hear different styles of music, for example, in our country some black metal dudes are too radical and closed minded.

You said you started as duo just to record demos, but now you’ve got a new guitar player and plan to make tours in Colombia. What’s your lineup and what’s the plans for 2015?

The actual lineup is Miguel Salazar on vocals, Santiago Kenguan and Oscar Gil (me) on guitars, bass,  drums , keyboard and post production but for presentations we hire some friends to play bass and drums. We are looking for dates across the country for promote the new album, the band is in studio now.

Is your first full length be self released? Or I are you guys looking for a label? How is the process going?

We will release it under our own label goat city records, but we are searching ways to promote our music and  be heard for more people from all countries.

How is the metal scene in Colombia? The guys from Tremor Ancestral told me that it used to be very good, but concerts are kinda empty right now. What’s your view on that?

It’s hard to explain, the metal scene of this country used to be good but now people don’t support the bands, don’t pay tickets and there’s a lot of radicalism between metalheads and other people, but maybe, in the future, the things will change.

Thank you for the interview, now you can have your time and say what you want.

Well, thanks for the interview, we enjoy answering this kind of questions and we invite to everyone that reads this interview to listen our music and if you like, please share the songs and help us to spread the word, cheers from Colombia.




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