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Fallen Voices Interview (Atmospheric BM: Yutz, France)


FALLEN VOICES comes from France to bring a right balance between DSBM, atmospheric, doom and gloom music. Another band from the infamous CVLMINIS Records that we host here on Mondo Satania. Enjoy!

Please describe and the aesthetics of Fallen Voices.

The Fallen Voices music is a maelstrom of melancholy, misanthropy and sadness. I try to create atmospheres that stir the soul of the listener. It’s made to be listened all the while walking along a river, in the forest or in the city … in the midst of this anonymous mass and indifferent people, in detaching yourself and analyzing amorphous and blank faces.

Could you tell us more about the lyrics. According to your “bio”, I presume the lyrics are more personal and emotional than dark and satanic as most of black metal bands, right?

Totally! I realized that to do music was more effective and cheaper than to go to therapy!
Young enough, I lost my brother and this tragedy has clearly changed my personal life and all my relations. I lived life to the full and I flyed too close to the sun. I fell and I rised up to fall again. I destroyed my family and i destroyed myself. I sought God, I searched the Fallen and I have found the silence. I looked inside myself, scarifying myself for answers and I have found the silence.
Pain, especially mental pain, is a great source of inspiration and motivation. I am constantly on the razor’s edge between joy and sadness, love and hatred, madness and ecstasy. I like people, I hate them. I am the dark, I am the light. It’s this complexity that purges my soul.
When the inner call is too powerful, when alcohol don’t manages me when my mental shields fall, I cut my phone, I turn off the internet, I close the shutters and I take my guitar.

10644868_10204817160768465_3777283734923137879_nIs this your main project? Or do you have other bands?
At begining, Fallen Voices was a side-project. I’m lead in an Acoustic Indie Folk band. I think I unfortunately disregarded this band to Fallen Voices.
I’m thinking to create an ambient dark & electronic project.

What do you think of this trend of one-man bands? Speally in the black metal scene? This trend reflects the black metal community.Being alone allows you to control everything, to create a very personal music. And has more BM you that compose it in a closed, shuttered away from the world?
We live in a world increasingly selfish and cruel. A world where every relationship, every contact is a struggle to survive. Having an One Band is to preserve yourself and to stay anonymous

Your music seems to be influenced by styles other than black metal. Could you name some?

I love music as a whole. If it happens to vibrate me, make me travel, so I adopt it. I am particularly fan of melancholic indie music as Girls In Hawaii (indie pop) (the last album is dedicated to their dead drummer and you can feel the intensity of theirs emotions), Fink (one folk band), Alt-J …
Strangely, I love the melodies, the harmonies and to do atmospheric black metal allows me to mix all this things : brutality and melody.

What’s the reaction of more orthodox black metal fans to this kind of music? Do you feel more connect to the USBM scene than the more “classic” european bands?

It’s hard to give you an answer. At the moment, I have positive feedback but I think my fans are also fans of all atmospheric bands.
But I can claim myself from this one or this another Black Metal scene. The aim is to play with the emotions of my listeners. If one of them is travelling through the stars, my mission is complete !

How is the french black metal scene? I know you have bigger bands there, like Blut Aus Nord, but how is the underground bands? Or are they part of the same group of people?

For to be honest, when I listen a band, I don’t know where it comes from. But French ABM are growing.

You have a new CD coming up, right? Could you tell more about it?

Actually, Fields Of Cathartics SOuls is released in digital version. A physical cd will released at CVLMINIS Records.
For this album, I took attention on mixing and mastering. I’m not an engineer and it was very difficult.
I invited some friends to collaborate on some songs. And I tryed some news things. I try to find a stability in my music.
And … I already have interesting ideas for the next album  !!


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