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Circle of Beings Interview (USBM, Colorado, USA)

Circle Of Beingsdef

From Colorado, comes the USBM, CIRCLE OF BEINGS. Another one-man project for this blog. Today he will talk about his celtic influence, plans for the future and how is to be in control of things being your own band.

Please, tell me about the music and aesthetics of Circle of Beings.

The music is a culmination of learning a variety of styles over the years and the self expression of my mind and soul.  My art is my therapy in so many ways and I’m really happy just to share it.  My love of Black Metal has definitely shaped the sound into what it is, but there are so many other genres that I collect from to make this music.  I wanted to have a major Celtic theme to this band because it is so close to my heart and really emphasize the connection they had with nature and the esoteric knowledge they discovered.

cover (1)The name implies some kind of existentialism in it. Could you explain its origin? Do you think being an one-man band is a natural consequence of this?

Well, the name, Circle Of Beings, comes from a Druid belief that all things are interconnected and can be categorized into three circles of being.  A belief that I have found to be true, along with many other ideas the ancient peoples had.  I believe that this was a basis for me, to start this one-man band, so that I could really venture inward and discover things I hadn’t before.  It has led me deep inside my consciousness, not only, to question things, but also, to realize a lot about myself.  The creative control is solely my own and I am free to go in any direction I want, even though it is a lot of hard work, I rather enjoy that aspect.

Regarding this connection with the ancient and nature – that is pretty clear in you covers – and being american, do you feel related to the Cascadian Black Metal scene?

I do feel a real connection with the Cascadian scene.  A lot of those bands are a huge influence for me and one of the reasons why I started making this music.  I would love to be associated with that scene, but alas, I couldn’t define my music as Cascadian because I do not live in the Northwest.  As much as I love Wolves In The Throne Room, Skagos, Ash Borer, Echtra, etc., I also, especially love, Immortal and a lot of other bands that are more nature themed in their music, as well.  So I think that subject matter and style of Black Metal is worldwide.

Your heritage goes back to very different countries. Does this influence the music you do?

It does extremely.  I have a place in my heart for all kinds of traditional European folk music, as well as others countries too.  The culture of the Celts is so fascinating to me and stretches over all of Europe that I just had to make it a part of my music.  One of my main influences is Drudkh and I love how they incorporate so much Ukrainian folk into their metal. Once I learn and experiment more with traditional Celtic music, I think you’ll be able to hear it more and more in my music.  It is the music of my people and I think everyone, no matter what ethnic background you come from, should preserve the music of their ancestors.

What’s the subject matter of your lyrics? Are they equally important as the instrumental music?

The subject matter focuses on an array of things, from what it would be like if stones and rocks were watching the evolution of this planet to Druid mysticism and Merlin, from the Viking invasions of England, Scotland and Ireland, to the voice of a wildfire devouring an forest.   I find it fascinating to think about what life was like for the ancient peoples of Earth and what it was like to see a comet for the first time, which is what “A Celestial Fire” is about.  I come from a jazz background (but have always loved and played metal) and never really focused on lyrical content but now, with this band, I can express myself in a different way through writing lyrics.  So, to me, they are equally important.

You self released your latest full length. Why this decision? Do you think that’s natural once this is a DIY project?

I wanted to have complete creative control of Circle Of Beings from the very beginning, so I think that’s why.  This band is really linked to my journey through my mind and what I have learned along the way.  But I also do like the idea that, in this day and age, we, as artists, don’t need giant record labels to produce our music and pollute it, all they same.  They’re not all bad, of course, but I don’t want to be told what this should be or sound like, or what I can and can’t do.  It was really freeing to be able to make all the music myself, produce it and hand make every CD.  It was something special that I shall never forget, but will I do it again, that remains to be seen.

Do you ever plan to play your music live?

I do plan on playing it live and for people that really want to listen to it. I don’t think I’m actively seeking to play at bars around town for inebriated people that aren’t really listening.  But I am starting to connect with people and looking at DIY venues to play at.  I have a few drummers that I’ve contacted to sit in for me, while I do guitar and vocals.  I really like the take on playing, that a lot of the Cascadian Black Metal bands take, which is more meditative and natural then all out war and moshing.

Now you can say whatever you want, thanks.

I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten in this country and abroad.  Thank you for listening.  I’m really happy just to be a small part of this truly amazing style of music and all the fans of Metal everywhere.  They never cease to amaze me.  Please continue to support and listen to the local music everywhere and don’t forget to keep the traditional stuff alive too, for all of our ancestors, everywhere. Thanks!


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