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About Abortions Interview (DSBM – Ferrara, Italy)

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If someone has the right to call themselves a DSBM band, it’s those two guys from Italy. From genetic disorders to horrible car accidents to psychological issues, they found this music as way to go through all of this and I think they succeeded at it. This is a very very interesting interview and should be an eye opener to lots of people over there. Check what members Solitudo and Forever Thirteen out now!

Please describe the aesthetics and the music of ABOUT ABORTIONS?

(Thirteen) The aesthetics of “About Abortions” is made of dark colors, heavy and strong colors. We start, normally, by a classic basic aesthetic, typical of the “DSBM”, wanting, however, differentiate ourselves from everything and everyone. Our major purpose is to give a personal touch to the genre and, without change some of the basic rules, again giving a twist to this music scene.

Our sounds are as sharp as razor blades and pointed as needles. The voices harrowing and full of sorrow, tears and anger, too often tested in life. The Lyrics, full of heavy emotions and despair, as if there don’t existed no way out, typical of those who have nothing to lose and who, in life, has already tried all the pain and evil that revolves around him. All this mixture, translated into songs, becomes like a heart murmur of our listeners. Our music is different from what is already known in the “DSBM”,
because we try to work with the emotions and the problems and to translate them into notes. To understand what we’re talking about, people should listen our Band.

2013-07-05_14-35-24_893 aBoth of you come from other countries (Australia and Slovenia) and now live in Italy. Do you think that foreign background has some kind of influence on your music?

(Solitudo) We believe Not. We think that when a person has a certain type of music in the soul, may come from any country and this not influence, forcedly, his style. When we came to live in Italy, we were still children, therefore, we think, hardly influenced by the musical culture of our native countries. If during the first years of life, we can being guided by the music they were listening to our family, later, during adolescence, we began to have personal tastes that brought us from the “Pure Black Metal” up to the “DSBM” and in the meanwhile we also learned what Band belonging to our native countries are active in these genres, but this did not in the least influenced our choices.

Reading your Bio, I can’t avoid asking some questions about the person life of you guys. There, you say that both of you has some sort of health issues (mild autism and Turner syndrome) and because of that you suffered heavy bullying at school. How that has affected your music? Do you use that in your favor? Because listening to your records, I can feel the despair and some sort of imprisoned waiting to be released.

(Thirteen) Yes, it is true, Solitudo Cyfer suffers from “Asperger Syndrome” (mild autism) and “ADHD” (Chronic Disorder of Attention and Hyperactivity Disorder) and I, not only, I suffer from a genetic disease called “Turner Syndrome Male” or “hypogonadism”, but I’m also affected from “Bipolar Disorder Personality” and “Borderline Syndrome”in addition to 18/19 years I made a bad car accident, which led me to a physical disability, equal to ‘80%. These facts left its mark over our lives for a long time and I think it will continue to do so in future. Many of our physical and mental problems, have affected and still affect, greatly, our music and I think it will continue to do so. It is not a coincidence that we play in the “DSBM.” This genre allows us to vent, through music, all our malaise, our pain, our
depression, our crisis, our frequent psychotic collapses and we try to make all this a strength of our Band. From our music you can feel the despair, self-destruction and a sort of two prisoners waiting to be released, because it is so! We live right on the limit of human understanding, in constant pain that assails us day after day, night after night, without even leaving us sleep in peace. We are trapped in our house and in our head, we isolated us from the world because of our diversity. We will need
liberation from our chains physical and mental, but the only two things that set us free are our music and maybe the Death.

BN 3Also about this issues, how making music and connecting with people worldwide has helped you to deal with that and overcome it?

(Solitudo) To tell the truth, we have not yet surpassed our problems. If we look at it from the right side, we are still in the midst of our problems and we do not know if any of these will solve nor when.

We say that most of our sufferings, are given by discomforts practically unsolvable. But we must admit that the music really helped us to get out of situations black. The music that we do, it’s definitely not of easy listening, but can be understand only from the people who really suffered a lot in his life. Being able to express, through the sounds, the voices and the lyrics, all our moments of deep malaise and total crisis, helped us a lot to overcome periods in which we thought that, for us, it was really over and canalize that negative energy and devastating inside small containers which are, then, our songs themselves, has allowed us to share all this with people who have had experiences similar to ours. The people, the admirers, later, they did everything else: they allowed to me and Thirteen, to continue to have a reason to go forward and not to disappear, even if in the end, the thought of death, in any case, continue to accompany us and to gravitate around us and it will not go ever away.

What’s the story behind the name of the band? Is it related to your troubled childhood? Do you use that in a positive way?

(Thirteen) The name of the band “About Abortions” is not connected with our childhood, rather with the desire not to be born. It was decided, first of all, because we both see ourselves and we feel like two “Abortions of Nature,” two Monsters, two Freaks, two different people from everything and
everyone, because of our physical and mental problems quite debilitating, but the primary meaning of this name is what, we conceive the Abortion like the “First Shape Of Assisted Suicide”. it is true that it is said that the fetus can’t decide whether to live or die, whether to come to the world or not, but since, until now, we haven’t yet found any person who in his life has never uttered the fateful words “I would never want have been born!”, then, we suppose that the primary instinct of our subconscious is to not live, to die, to not be born to not suffer, just like we wanted the two of us; so, according to our concept, a fetus, if he could choose, he would opted for Abortion, to be avoided any kind of useless suffering, in the future.

What’s your main influences? How do you relate to the DSBM style? I think the vocals have a very distinctive sound..

(Solitudo) We conceived the “About Abortions” project starting from influences, mainly of mold Drone Doom Metal, Raw Black Metal and Dark Ambient, with veins Depressive Black Metal, through our debut with the Demo “Those Who Want To Kill Me?”, then move on to our first Full-Length “Substance of My Psychosis”, also full of atmospheres from other genres such as Blackgaze, Post Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal. The DSBM is the main engine of our music, and although there are several DSBM band we love in a special way, we don’t want to relate us with anyone. We do not want to look like anything that’s already been done, we do not want to be a photocopy neither of this nor of that other Band. We simply want to be the “About Abortions”, ourselves, and be something new compared to everything that has already been heard in this genre. We try to give something different, every time we create a new song, relying on our emotions and all the painful trials we faced to date and that, probably, don’t will cease to haunt us. We transform in music all this suffering, translating in notes all our anguished and creeping agony, until you can hear this through our voices, screaming, crying and tired and until when your hearts and your souls will be able to perceive what we feel from a lifetime. Our voices have a sound very sharp and acute. This also depends greatly from the states where we sing. We are often in moments of real serious emotional crises or even, in total psychotic breakdown. In addition, we have chosen to sing in a way unlike any other band that is with two voices simultaneously. In the “About Abortions” there are just two First Vocals, no Backing.

You’re a recording band, right? Do you have plans of playing alive?

(Thirteen) Yes, unfortunately we can only be a “Studio-Band”, because of my heart problems caused by my genetic disease, and my physical discomfort resulting by my horrible car accident. No, we do not plan any Live: I can play the drums just for a few minutes at a time, then I would not be able to support a full concert without stopping myself all the time, so, I think that we will remain only a Studio- Band.

Do you see yourselves part of a scene or do you still think of outcasts?

(Solitudo) We feel, definitely, part of the DSBM scene, although, as mentioned earlier, we would like to give a new twist to this genre. We don’t want to deviate too much from the Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, above all, because the themes of our Lyrics are, undoubtedly, part of this genre; but, with the music we want to be more daring, experimenting, put, remove, capture new essences , also typical of other musical scenes and create other sonorities.

You seem to have lot of releases so far.. what’s your full discography? CVLMINIS – Rigorism Production seems to be releasing lots of bands now, how do you feel about being in this label?

(Thirteen) This is our Complete Discography until the current days:

1) – “Those Who Want To Kill Me ?” – Demo June 2013
2) – “Substance Of My Psychosis” – Full-Length November 2013
3) – “Life: No More” – Split January 2014
4) – “…Click The Switch…End It All…!!!” – Split April 2014
5) – “Holocaust” (Feat Version) – Single June 2014
6) – “Death Waltz” – Split September 2014

Every our Musical Work is available by – CVLMINIS – Rigorism Production –

We have excellent relationships with – CVLMINIS – Rigorism Production – This Label is constituted by very serious and honest people. Has always proven to keep promises regarding our productions and it creates good products. We also had other offers from other Labels, but for now we would like to stay with Rigorism. Moreover we are of the opinion that it is not of frieze, for a Band, the fact of to change continuously Label, but instead can also be a strength. We do not know what the future holds, but for now we think that Rigorism is an excellent starting point.

10. This space is open for you to say what you want.

(Solitudo & Thirteen) The music of “About Abortions” is certainly not easy to understand, we are the first to admit it, but if listeners could know better our songs, they might well capture a fragment of their lives that it was lost through the meandering of time, through the desire to forget the strong and heavy emotions that often people consider only negative. But when the crying pervades you, reaching to the heart and mind, also touching your obscure spirit, then you realize that you can even find yourself passing through the tunnel of the insanity and that there is nothing wrong in being different because in our diversity, there is still someone who understands us and they sing we ourselves through their songs. A huge Black Metal Greeting to all those who follow us, that followed us and will continue to do so and to all those who are beginning to know “About Abortions” from here by Solitudo Cyfer & Thirteen Forever.

Check out About Abortions on these links:

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.



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