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Anti-Freeze Interview (Folk black metal – Ontario, Canada)

logoOne more band from Canada. Now it’s time for ANTI-FREEZE to speak about his punk/folk background, RABM and how he manages to mix so much diverse styles into his music.

Please tell us more about the music and aesthetics of Anti-Freeze.

It’s whatever I want it to be. Anti-Freeze is just me and will always be me. I like to release music that spans multiple genres so who knows what I could be doing 5 years from now? I’d really like to release a country album someday…

1524606_10152303851841101_1497803148_nAftermath, your last effort were supposed to be a collaboration project but you did everything by yourself. Why was that. Do you prefer to keep Anti-freeze as a solo band?

Originally Aftermath was supposed to be a collaboration between me and a friend who does folk music. We just never got around to it and I ended up writing it all anyways so I figured that I would release it under Anti-Freeze. Lots of the folk parts were supposed to be longer and have more instruments like banjos and violins but I trimmed those out because I can’t play those things. I figure that I have lots of bands as it is anyways and I’ll collaborate with people another day.

How was the recording process? I’ve read that you did and redid it lots of times until get it right.

I wrote the album on Guitar Pro first then I recorded it twice in demo format to get a feel for how the songs would play out. I don’t really know how the song is going to sound until I get to play it. It’s during the demo process that I usually think of other ideas and changes. I recorded it all myself mostly in my closet and did the drums/bass at my college’s studios.

You have some kinda of political statements on your description. Would like to talk more about that? Also, I wasn’t familiar with the RABM thing until very recently. I thought that quite interesting as well, since this blog also don’t support NSBM and other hate speach.

RABM I think is a very new trend and I hope it keeps growing. I am very left wing and anarchist and I know that some would like to discredit me for being “too humanist” or something. Black metal is supposed to be hateful and angry yes, but I direct my hate and anger towards people who seek to control others through institutions and power structures. I hate the government, I hate nazis, and I support violent revolution when the time comes. I don’t post my lyrics but I can say that they are all about these topics.

Speaking of your musical background. You used to play folk punk music, how come it developed into this wicked black metal stuff you’re doing now?

I just grew out of folk punk. I still like some of it for nostalgic value and I love traditional folk/country. Lately, as in the past some years, I have just increased my intake of metal. I have always enjoyed it and hardcore music as well is still important to me but metal has a substance to it that is so powerful. It’s some of the fastest and heaviest music out there played by some of the most incredible musicians. I am proud to be a part of this.

You’re also into a lot of projects. All of which very different musically from each other. Which one would you say is your main style? Or you have none?

I don’t prioritize any of my projects over the other. I love everything I’ve done and my bandmates who have made them come to life. Each album kind of has it’s own story attached to it that I could write a book about haha.

10293825_10152354006096101_6903533894634860941_oYou do experimental/noise live gigs. Did you ever think of playing live with Anti-freeze? How would you manage that?

I’ve played live as Anti-Freeze many times. Mostly acoustic. I even did a little tour out to east coast Canada with it. I have performed my noise material with the use of keyboards and samples but nothing too over the top. I tried to do black metal once with backing tracks but it failed miserably so if I have to someday, I’ll probably just get the drummer from my band Lapsaria to do it because he’s the only one I know who can play blast beats at insane speeds.

You’re the third band I interview from Canada. Do you see the black metal scene strong there? What would you recommend?

Canada is a very interesting country. Much like where black metal grew out of in Scandinavia, Canada is very cold and sometimes can be very isolating if you don’t live by a major city. It is an absolutely huge country and I forget how big it is sometimes. As for a black metal scene, it’s all just a very very loose connection of musicians. We have bigger bands like Revenge (They’re playing with Mayhem in a week and I am so excited to see them!) but then we also have some great west coast projects that carry the “Cascadian” sound. Then you have Quebec and the maritimes which produce their own scenes. I found a very good black metal project from Newfoundland called Vorbkt, which I totally recommend.

Thanks for the interview, anything else to say?

Not much else to say except thanks for the support and as always, I give my thanks to the various revolutionaries who fight against injustice around the world.

Preston, from Anti-freeze run this label:
Why Gang Records

And are also in all these bands:
Lapsaria – grindcore/black metal
Narcthrone – sludge/black metal
Weirdonia – garage punk/stoner doom
Bike Cop – Hardcore punk/Youth Crew
Aurelia – Post-Hardcore/Grunge

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.



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