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Azgaeth Interview (DSBM: San Juan, Puerto Rico)


Azgaeth is a DSBM one-man band from Puerto Rico. Today he talks about his music, how he found Silencer on youtube and how prolific is the scene there (which I was totally unaware of).

Please describe the music and the aesthetics of Azgaeth.

  • For me the music of Azgaeth is a reflection of life events, emotions, and nature. It’s a reflection of what happens inside my mind, a reflection of my life.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

  • I made up the name, and gave it a meaning. It’s the bad things you have gone through, taking form into a shadow that lurks in your mind, always popping up at some point.

You come from Puerto Rico. I don’t seem to recall any black metal related bands from there. Is there a scene overthere? If so, could recommend any bands and speak a little bit of how metal is going there?

  • Oh yes absolutely. Puerto Rico has a very diverse scene. There are bands of every type, so there’s enough to please anyone’s taste. Lately, the scene it’s been on it’s golden age once again, bands releasing material, and going international, as well as a documentary “The Distorted Island”. I recommend to look up these bands: Zafakon, DoomLord, Severe Mutilation, Argyle, and Serpenterium. There more great bands but that’s up to you to look them up haha.

Your bio says that you had a troubled youth. How that lead you to the DSBM genre and how did it influenced your music? Does making this kind of music feels like some catharsis for you?

  • I got into DSBM by a friend, but it made a huge connection with me while I continued to dig into it. Every band I heard made me feel that I had some hope left in this life(contrary to the nature of DSBM), and that triggered my inner musician. All the problems I had gone through by that time helped me develop myself for this type of music. So making this type of music is like my relieve from everything, it calms me down to the point of feeling of being pure.

The songs at your bandcamp page are all instrumental. Is your full length be like that or do you plan on having vocals it?

  • Well currently I’m working on it. I was away on a trip and now that I’m back, I’ll add vocals.

a1977492309_10Are you going to released in some label or will it be self-released?

  • All current and future material, as how I see it in the moment, will be self-released.

You covered Thy Light and you mention Silencer. Besides that, what’s your main influences?

  • Well, my main influences are basically any band beyond the genre of Black Metal.

Your songs have samples of birds, which – to my view – contrast to the dark and cold forests that the scandinavian bands tend to cite in their music. And that puts some kind of nostalgic element in it, but not totally dark. What was your goal with that?

  • Well I don’t see it as a goal. As I said, it’s all a reflection of my life. What I aim for is using this natural elements to give dark feelings. Maybe I haven’t managed to get it right in the moment, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get it eventually.

Now you can say what you want.

  • First of all, I would like to thank you for contacting me for an interview. I never thought this would happen. I would like to give a shout out to Puerto Rico’s metal scene, for it has given me hope these last 8 years. Expect the album to be online any moment. Physical copies will be made.

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

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