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Idolatry Interview (Black Metal: Alberta, Canada)

From the gelid tundras of Edmonton, Canada, comes Idolatry. In this interview, they speak about their music, the Atheist Satanism line of thinking and how the band’s released on demo, a seven inch and a full length in less than a year.

Please, tell me about the music and aesthetics of Idolatry.

Idolatry is a severed schizophrenic combination of second wave black metal and undertones of the dark art of DSBM. Aspiring to voice an intelligent, thoughtful evil and write memorable, dynamic structures.

IMG_4194The band is formed from members of several local extreme metal bands. What brought you together? And in what aspect is Idolatry different then those bands?

The band is the brainchild of DA and VN who wished to create a raw black metal band that encompassed this music more purely than their previous ventures. I joined by accident oddly. In conversation with a close metal friend I’d said that since I’d had my tonsils removed, that I should like to sing in a black metal band in a year or two… An hour later he phoned saying that he volunteered me for DA’s band. I scoffed at it initially, but DA is so wise, well read and focused on black metal as art, that I immediately bonded with him and came to audition.

Our other bands were death metal, death/black and all good projects but to a man, we all were only interested in black metal. A thing mixed is a thing diluted. Idolatry has also become something far more sinister to witness live than our previous acts.

I liked the demo very much, it’s very well played and recorded  compared with lots of lo-fi raw black metal demos out there. Do you aim for a polished sound or prefer to stay just in the middle?

DA is a very accomplished sound tech in the Edmonton scene. We wanted a sound that stayed true to darker recordings, ones that capture the spell of the record without sounding muddy or indecipherable. DA did an excellent job of sounding cryptic yet poignant.


How long is the band active? You released a demo, but already have a 7″ and also a full length on the way. How did you achieve that so fast? Will those be self released or are you on a label now?

Idolatry has only existed as a full band since April 2014. We have worked with relative speed, and writing has come quickly to us. Both VN and NI are fevered and inspired. We as a unit see the potential for Idolatry and are eager to inscribe its incantations before we die. We self released the demo, but have worked out a distribution arrangement with Death to Peace productions.

Are you planning to tour after the release of the album?

We are currently planning a tour towards Québec in May. The scene there is thriving and we are working with Baron Steve Werwolf of Death to Peace productions to finalize the details of those dates. A well known USBM band has expressed interest in these shows I’m told.

You mention Atheistic Satanism. Could you speak more about that? Also, what is the relation with the name of the band “Idolatry”.

We do not worship an “anti-god”.  The word ‘Satan’ in Latin or ‘ha Satan’ in hebrew means ” the adversary”.We are adversaries of all idol or god worship. Any real, breathing entity that acquiesces to a work of fiction is an abomination meant to be trampled. George Bernard Shaw said once ” the quickest way to enslave a populace is to sanctify their bonds”…. Idolatry as band embody the individualist exaltation of man as depicted by Ayn Rand and the misanthropic wisdom of Zarathustra’s overman/superman as written by Friedrich Nietzsche.  The word Idolatry then, in the context we desired, is a mockery towards those who take on falsities as holy.

How has the cold nature of Canada has influenced your music style? Do you think that helps to make such dark music?

Our province is a frozen tundra of misery, it’s climate is very similar to that of Norway. Much deep forests of evergreens and unforgiving mountains. Here, today in January it was -34 Celsius with the windchill and I worked outside for 13 hours. We are resilient and used to it. Year after year it can turn your soul into bitterness, winter lasts often 6 months or more. However, when composing, we dwell only on grief from other sources. The cold tempers the art. Makes it stronger.

Would you recommend other local underground black metal bands? What’s in your radar now?

They are inactive at the moment, but Operation Winter Mist was an exceptional black metal outfit from nearby. All of their lyrics were based on Canadian military exploits. Recently I read that Rites of thy Degringolade was reformed. Powerful force they were. Drummer Paulus was masterful for them.  DA, being from manitoba keeps an ear open for what comes from there. Wilt is a great ds style band for winnipeg. In the wider scene, Lord Mantis and Temple of Baal are consistently played. Most of us are anticipating the coming of hometown’s Revenge as they arrived for their date on the Mayhem/Watain tour.

In my current ear is Satanic Warmaster’s Nachzehrer. I acquired it on vinyl in Winnipeg and the difference in sound is shocking. The digital version is difficult to listen to. Very clouded and the bass absorbs the harsh shrill tones that are meant to carry the record. On vinyl this is simply vanished. It is one of the finest black metal recordings I’ve yet heard.

Thanks for the interview, this space is yours.

LM…. Black metal is evolving. There is such possibility in its variances, in its sub-genres. This is a dawn for dark art, discontentment in the world has many champions growing in her midst. Expect to be poisoned by Idolatry in the coming years. Our performances are engrossing and terrifying. The 7″ split with Unrest from Ohio shall be out as a limited run in the next few months and our full length tentatively titled ” Visions from the Throne of Eyes” will be out later in 2015.

Never live for the sake of another, never let another live for your sake. Hail thyself.

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

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