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Tremor Ancestral (Blackened: Bogota, Colombia)


From Colombia, comes the hermanos of TREMOR ANCESTRAL. In the interview they talk about their multistyle influenced black metal, how the local scene is going down and the relations between southern and northern culture in black metal.

Please describe your music and the aesthetics of the band.

Our music is full of shades between Black and Death metal. Even Doom and sometimes Thrash Metal. That depends the way we want to fill the lyrical ambience. Also, we are very influenced by the Native American Music, so you can find a different kind of melodies created from this point.

Your bio mentions the culture of ancient nations. How do you relate to the South American mythology and history? Do you think this could be an equivalent of the Viking heritage that’s used by some many metal bands?

We started to work as an Ancestral Metal band, because we see the lack of identity of our youth. The young people don’t like to be related to the ancient nations because the western way of life demands that you have to live by the television and media aesthetics. They just want to be like the fucking Jersey Shore bitches.

We think that we just could enrich our culture knowing our ancient history full of wisdom and propose a new point of view. A point of view, full of philosophy, admiring the Mother Nature and giving her all respects; if we want to build some future in this planet and cohabit as humans. There’s very necessary to build nature beings, understanding that we belongs to Mother Nature and she doesn’t belongs to us.

Regarding to the Viking subject, we think that these bands are an example of Ancestral Metal too. They want to tell their history and revive memories of their past, identifying themselves as part of that history and that past.  Here, the difference is that while the indigenous etnies are still fighting for their cultures and the extermination, the youth wants to be someone else. They look at their ancient past scornfully and they don’t feel identified. This is why we are standing our call of war and recover the pride to be part of the history, the main history of our ancient ones.

Listening to your music, it seems that you mix some elements of death metal and put more technicality in it. Also the recording sounds very clear, although heavy. In the black metal scene, I see lots and lots of bands choosing a more lofi side of things. What do you think about that?

We think that’s respectable. We grew up listening the old black metal recordings and is a way to put a little bit of rawness to your sound. The point is to create the good atmosphere between your lyrical work and the music. If they both collide you’ve got a bomb!

The band exists for 7 years now. That’s your first band or you guys had previous projects before?

We all had and played in other bands before or like side projects. We’re friends from a very long time that had taken a different ways but now we’re playing together.

coverWhat’s your discography? You have a split with a Brazilian band, right? How that came out?

We have a demo called The End of Sorrow, recorded in 2009. In those days we started to share some words with them and the idea of working together just came up suddenly. Back then they had a demo too, so we just put our works together and released them as a split album called Ancestral Metal.

Then, we started to record again in 2013 ‘Extreme Ancestral Ritual’ album released by Talheim Records from Austria in September 26th, last year. Lately, we’ve been working in a new EP and we hope to release it this year.

Do you tour a lot? Have you played outside Colombia?

We are working to start touring outside Colombia and spread our music everywhere. This is the main goal we have as a band in this moment.

How is the scene in there? Could you recommend some local underground bands?

The scene is in crisis at this moment. There is not the same support that we used to see before. There are a lot of bands and shows every weekend but the venues are pretty empty. The people just go to see international bands or free shows mostly, so this is so frustrating for the bands, because we spend a lot of money in instruments, rehearsals, all that a band needs to work on. There’re exceptions but you have to push a lot to have a good attendance or sell your music.

We have very good bands back in Colombia. We (Colombians) are recognized as a very maniac scene. I think there’s a good balance between brutality and technical stuff. Every genre has great representatives and bands that work since a very long time. There is a huge number of good bands to pick some!!!

Now you can say what you want.

We would like to thank Mondo Satania so much for giving us the space to share our words and we invite everybody to take a look of the band, follow us, share and buy our music in:

Website: http://tremorancestral.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tremorancestral
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tremorancestral
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/tremorancestral
Talheim Records Store: https://webstore.talheim-records.at/
E-mail: tremorancestral@gmail.com ::: info@tremorancestral.com

Mondo Satania: Black Metal worldwide is on Facebook.

Are you in a band too? Get in touch with us.



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