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Grimskodd Interview (Experimental: Snasa, Norway)


A black metal blog just couldn’t not feature a norwegian band. So here it is the chaotic proggy doom act Grimskodd. He talks about his music and how he saw unknown bands like Mayhem and Darkthrone bands evolve through the nineties.

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Grimskodd.

The music by Grimskodd is distorted echoes from a distant past, moulded in the grief of today’s fucked up world.

Gaze deep into our human spiritual evolutionary past and you will understand music as a phenomenon per se. Music reminds us of a specific period when we as early human beings perceived the world by means of our soul and spiritual powers. Remote life in Atlantic eon.
Music is a rudimentary trace from a reality that no longer exists. On a subconscious level we remember this very clearly, and that’s why music denote strongly to grief; as something lost, a greatness that once was real. Oppose to the Atlantic aeon, stands the cold world of reason –
shredded of genuine spiritual insight, followed by the decay & misery of today. Hence; I am in a world of shit.

2014-05-09 18.01.57Your bandcamp page has some singles, but they were all released in december. Are they part of an album? Why release them apart from each other?

It’s a coincidence, I guess. The songs were made late 2014; I just published them at bandcamp all at once. Have thought of release an album, but the songs are quite different and stand on their own feet, so to speak. They don’t fit the album format. Maybe an EP or single, but who cares anyway? Maybe ‘Album’as a concept is dead anyway.

Do you record everything by your own or you have any other guests? Is this your main project or are you into other bands as well?

It’s just me. I used to play in some bands a long time ago (trash, death &grindcore), and it was just something we did for fun. Didn’t have much influence on the songs though, I just played guitar and bass. Today the songs of Grimskodd are a true individual expression. A Band would be cool, but it is not my cup of tea anymore, I guess. My musical ideas would probably be drowned by other ‘clever’ peoples.

The cover of the song “Wicked” reminds me more of a sci-fi vibe, different then the others. Why is that? Looks like most of the covers are different views of the sky? Is that a pattern? How it relates to your music?

Sometimes I really do think I not belong to this earth. It’s just that. Escapism maybe.

Being from Norway, which is obviously related with everything that’s black metal, do you feel some pressure to bring anything different to the music. Or on the other hand, do you think you have to pay a tribute to all those classic bands?

I remember vividly the days when black metal evolved in the early 90. I’ve read obscure metal-zines, and had shitty tapes with songs from bands like Thorns, Mayhem and Darkthrone. I bought A Blaze in the Northern Sky (Darkhrone) when it was released in 1992, and it was cool, but in my opinion it was miles away from the vibes of Under a Funeral Moon a year later. Great record. The same goes for Transilvanian Hunger and at some point Total Death. After these records Darkhrone became just ordinary metal. The same goes for Emperor’s releases. It looks like this is inevitable; some bands release great music in their early years, but become total shit as the years go by. Good musicians, but not good music. It’s the way of nature; blossom and decay, life and death. That said; I do not pay tribute to anybody, but I acknowledge many good bands.

Your music sounds very experimental, not like traditional black metal bands. To me it sounds like a chaotic proggy doom from hell or whatever (laughs). What’s the reaction of the audience?

He he, chaotic proggy doom fits some of the songs, indeed. Other song has more of an early black metal vibe. I also do some electronical/synth shit, primary to add more dept to a song. Like in Thy Slaves for instance, which have layers of none guitars interwoven to it. When it comes to my audience, I do not know. Grimskodd have some followers at soundcloud, but not that many reactions, really. Got a few good feedbacks, which I appreciate.

What were you listening while writing those songs?

I usually do the drums first, then guitars, so vocals and adding bass to the end. No other music when this is done. Otherwise I don’t have that much time to listen to music (full time job etc), but I prefer listen to black metal (whatever that means).

Now you can say whatever you want.

Thanks for the interest in Grimskodd. Appreciate.

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