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Brandylynn Interview (New Hampshire, USA)


He’s only 16, but already making interesting music. From New Hampshire, USA, comes Brandylynn who was already called “Symphonic Post Rock with breakdowns”, and after that, you can label him whatever “post” music you want.

Please describe the music and the aesthetics of Brandylynn.

The music of Brandylynn can best be described as nostalgic, orchestral and cinematic. I’ve always admired the art of moviescore music and especially the music of the project “Lights & Motion and of the project “Thy Catafalque.” The atmosphere that I wish to create isn’t one that invokes feelings of winter, death and despair but rather of longing and nostalgia. I try to put the emotions into my music the best I can.

0004078574_10The description in bandcamp says that the record is dedicated to Brandy Lynn, which explains the name of the project. Who is Brandy and the story behind it?

Brandy Lynn is a girl who I have always loved. I don’t want to delve extremely deep in the long and dismal rupture that ended our relationship, but I felt very attached to her a whole, thus naming the project as such.

You play everything by yourself. Why this decision? Is it your main project? Do you have other bands?

I have chosen this decision for the ironic reason that I have nobody to rehearse with. I always embrace band members with open arms to create but as of now, nobody has contacted me. I have three other projects actually. My main projects are, Brandylynn and A Perfect Day whereas my other solo work reside in either my Electro Hip-Hop project “Dictator” or my Progressive Rock/Shoegaze project “sorrynotsorry.” As of now, the two latter projects have yet to release anything to the general public, but be on the lookout for 2015.

What’s the benefits of recording everything alone? What equipament do you use?

The benefits vary. I do enjoy the utmost freedom it presents but it takes away from the creativity as a whole. I’d would love for Brandylynn to have a full lineup, but at the present time, it is not so. As for equipment, I have an Axl Badwater guitar for cleans and for the recording of the first release, I borrowed my friend’s 7-String Ibanez guitar to record the rhythm. I use FL Studio 11 for the interface of which I record and I use just an ordinary cable with a guitar input on one end and a USB on the other.

Your music seems to go from black metal to more psychedelic stuff but also covering some kind of proggy stuff. Was it the main goal?

It’s interesting that you mention that it’s Black Metal because I tried submitting my band under it’s official genre as “Orchestral Post-Black Metal” but the admins on Metal – Archives deemed it as “Symphonic Post Rock with breakdowns.” At least someone has the right mindset that my music is actually somewhat “Metal.” As for the psychedelic/proggy stuff, I totally understand. Most who hear my music dub Brandylynn as Progressive Black Metal. Oh well, I guess that’s what the term “Post” is used for.

What you were listening while writing this songs?

I was listening to a lot of Germ actually. Tim Yatras is a genius and I highly admire his work. His EP “Loss” is my favorite in his discography. I recorded the album in July/August and at the time, my music was dominated by Germ and Heritor, the german Post Black Metal project.

Do you relate with your local black metal scene? What’s their reaction?

Like I said, there is no Black Metal scene here. I am the scene in itself. There is only one Black Metal project, as far as I know, and it is about an hour west of where I live. This explains why I haven’t found any people to create with. Plus, I’m only 16 and I live in a suburban neighborhood that has a population of teens who are occupied with marijuana and rap music. I am not of that lifestyle, so I am deemed unpopular in my area.

Could you recommend some underground local bands?

Locally, I was in a band called Sunwalker for a few months but it didn’t work out. Great guys and all. Highly recommended. That’s about it for “local” bands.

Anything else to say?

Thank you for having me as a guest for your blog! I really love the support! Also, lookout for the new Full Length “Fragments Of” sometime in 2015!

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