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Shield Wall Interview (Raw BM: Região dos Lagos, RJ, Brazil)

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From the beaches of the lake region in Rio de Janeiro, comes Shield Wall, a new Black Metal band with a focus on pagan aesthetics. Here they talk about their music and some controversy around them. Leia a versão em português aqui.

Where are you from, how long do you exist and what’s your lineup?
(Yulevar) – We’re from Rio das Ostras, a city in the lake region (Região dos Lagos) at Rio de Janeiro state. Shield Wall was formed by April 4th, 2014 by Elvis Yulevar and Rafael “Nachtowl” Siqueira. Shield Wall has been through several changes along this year, but now in december we tried to increase it with a guitar and a bass player, leaving me only on vocals.

10377370_1540500846194633_4940302504500392880_nTalk about your music and the band’s aesthetics.
(Yulevar) – Our songs have pagan, anti-christians themes and some with a high level of blasphemy. The song “Kill the Christians”, which is our most known song has a theme that’s totally anti-christian and blasphemic. We stand out against christian ideology, NS or other political ideology in music and, in general, we seek the essence of freedom in living, without fear of being dead. Basically, that’s what we think that Black Metal should be lived for.

What did you released so far?
(Yulevar) – We released the single “Kill the Christians” and recorded the EP “Modir Vanadis” that wasn’t released yet. We’re talking to some labels to release it but we didn’t decided yet. But I believe that until february 2015 it will be available.

Do you use to play a live, what were the last gigs?
(Yulevar) – We did a few shows, we’re talking to some promoters and people involved with the underground scene. We did a concert here in our area and it’s got a good response. We have a confirmed date for april 2015, that will feature Sepultura.

I saw some controversy relating your band with NSBM groups, do you wish to clarify that? Why such comments had appeared?
(Nachtowl) – Unfortunetely, there’s lots of misunderstandings in the Black Metal scene. And there’s some folks who creates a big confusion regarding the pagan symbology.
Lots of folks link such symbols to extreme right-wing movements, althought they were the ones who took those symbols for their emblems and propaganda.
This is something very sad and concerning, because besides of harming us, it’s just the result of lack of knowledge and instruction. I’m not a NS for I have a “Runa Sowelu” tatooed, that were used by the SS in their posters. For me, that has a meaning that – I swear – is very far from every nazi, fascist, prejudicial, racist, anti-semite, etc.
Just as Yulevar (the vocalist), has several tatoos of pagan symbols, well, it’s sad to see some folks that doesn’t want to research and brings turmoil for us. Any idiot know that having his band labeled as NS destroys his chances to make a clean and honored name at the underground scene and it’s very unfair to see that happening with members that are hard workers and only want to spread their music, respecting the space and people at the scene. Our group of people, so far, a little bit closed, of people who knows us, they know how we are easy going with a lot of stuff and they know that our intolerance is directioned. So, enough, the Shield Wall has never been, is not and never will be a band with the NS ideology. This rumour has to end now.

What’s your main influences?
(Nachtowl) – The band’s main influences, I belive are Bathory, old Burzum, Darkthrone and a little of Falkenbach and other pagan bands. Myself, i have a certain influence of DSBM, something that you can see in some lines of Modir Vanadis (one of their songs), maybe.

Name some local bands that you admire and recommend.
(Nachtowl) – Besides the bands that we also play (Amarok and Me, in PERSECUTER and Yuvelar in INCARNUM and ABOMINATION WIDE), we recommend VINGADOR, which is a band from Macaé, that has a trail of more than 15 years and always followed their honored path, never devianting themselves from their faithful goals to the underground. Also, LEFT HAND and LETHAL DOSE from Barra de São João, UNDAUNTED from Cabo Frio and lots of other bands. The scene in the lake region is very rich. It’s worth it to take a look about it.

What’s the plans for the future?
(Yulevar) Our plans for the future consist in maitaining the level of the lyrics, get involved with the underground in Brazil, always seek for new friends in the Black Metal scene in Brazil, to get good melodies with the Raw Black Metal feel aiming for a full length release util the begning of 2016, besides the official video that we’re analysing too.

You have some lyrics in portuguese. Most of black metal bands sing in english. Why this decision? Do you think that influences the perception of your music?
(Nachtowl) – Oh, sure. That way we make sure that the message is being passed the right way. Of course, we could make everything in english, thinking in other countries, but fuck that. First, we should remember our home, and then think of other places. I think like this, honor to national metal in first place. And with all the lyrics being promoted and part of it in portuguese, people can barely understand it, wonder what if we had to sing it in other languages. Oh no, portuguese is our language and probably we’ll keep writing more lyrics in that way.

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One comment on “Shield Wall Interview (Raw BM: Região dos Lagos, RJ, Brazil)

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