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Bruma Interview (Atmospheric: Irapuato, Mexico)

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Another one-man band interviewed here. This time, coming from forests of Mexico, there is Bruma. He speaks about his process of making solitary music, the local scene and some interesting take on infamous mexican band Brujeria.

Please, describe the music and the aesthetics of Bruma.

-The music in Bruma… I try to keep it simple but fresh at the same time, it even could be boring for fans of more aggressive music, but the principal objective in the music is to create an atmosphere through melancholic, repetitive and hypnotic melodies, so this atmosphere can evoke solitary, melancholic and introspective natural landscapes, I try to reach a connection with nature through the sense of ear. I even use the natural audio samples at the time of recording; at the beginning it started just like that, I just put some wind, rain, forest or ocean waves audio sample to get inspired and start playing, like this, most of the songs are created. The instrumentation is the most important, the music itself, for me (at least in Bruma) the lyrics are just a secondary tool to try to emphasize the mood of the music.

Redescubriendo el inviernoRedescubriendo el invierno was released this year. Is this your first record? Is it self-released or are you on a label?

-No, personally it’s not my first release, I participate in others projects with some friends and I have had a couple of releases with some of them; talking about Bruma, yes it was the first release, the debut.
Redescubriendo el Invierno was released in physical CD by Cvlminis records. (Russia) limited to 50 copies. Currently I signed the release for the EP Entre Ríos de Éter with my good friend and band mate, Astarot, owner of the Mexican label Silentium In Foresta Records; in digipak format limited to 25 copies.

There seems to be a trend now of black metal bands of only one person (my self included). What do you atribute this for? Is it so difficult to find other musicians?

-In my personal opinion, I think the new wave of one man bands in BM. could be caused by a particular and ‘common’ trait in the fans of black metal music…
MOST OF US ARE REALLY SOLITARY AND ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONS… so we create our own individual world inside of our head, which is almost impossible to find another equal, even similar mind, with similar view and way of think, and if there is something crucial in BM, it is IDEOLOGY, no matter in which ideology inside of BM are you (NSBM, DSBM, Satanism, Viking, pre-hispanic, war, occultism, pagan, etc) it is something distinguished in Black Metal culture, it is fully charged with Ideology, so it is difficult to find someone else to share a similar view and a (REAL) ideology; musicians are a lot out there, even in other metal genres, but BM is something more delicate than just know how to play well an instrument and bang the head (but this still of course an important requirement).

What equipament do you use? You record everything at home?

-Yes, I record everything at home; in my ‘self-build-home-recording-studio’… it isn’t something fancy.
I record and mix everything on my personal laptop through a semi-professional USB audio interface in which I plug all the instruments (guitars, bass or microphones) and a home theater system that I improvised as monitors.
Talking about the instruments: I still use nothing fancy; my main electric guitars are a LTD M-100FM loaded with Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups and a Japanese Squier Stratocaster silver series from ’92, and a SGR C-7 seven string guitar by Schecter; for bass I use an old Yamaha bass, a cheap acoustic guitar, a cheap classical guitar, and a cheap radioshak microphone for the vocals.

You mix very soft, acoustic pieces with very intense metal parts. What did you have in mind when writing that?

-Well, that’s a little bit hard to reply… mmhh I don’t really know haha, I suppose that I just let me go with music while composing…
Trying to delve into this subject, you made me think about it… I really like music, every kind of (good) music: classical, instrumental, acoustic, folkloric, native, modern, etc ; I love sweet and soft melodies as much as I love metal, intense and very dramatic music ( I’m a fan of the master of the dramatic music, Beethoven) so I think I tried subconsciously to mix this together.
When I’m composing I have always something in mind, to make music I would like listen to; and I like (as I said ) atmospheric and dramatic music; I also refer to dramatic changes, I mean from a sweet and soft acoustic arpeggio leading gradually to an outburst of intense and loud metal patterns and vice verse.

What’s your influences on this project?

-The main influences for Bruma, well, there is a lot of musical influences, I use all the music I like as influence… but specifically I can name some metal bands and some metal-related projects.
In the main black metal influence (musically and lyrically) I must say that Nargaroth and Immortal are a great influence, the intense mood in the music and in lyrics; that left behind the childish subject of Satan, Satan,Satan, and more Satan and also left behind the (angry-teen)feel against everything, that just want to destroy and burn everything down… I found something real in BM with those bands.
Another important one is Wedard, the cold, melancholic and hypnotic atmospheres that Sternenfrost create are also a huge influence. Those guitars full on reverb that sounds almost ethereal.
Alcest with those dreamy atmospheres and magical sound-landscapes that escapes from Neige’s mind are brilliant, also this band is the principal influence about the contrast in the mix of smooth and soft melodies with dramatic changes leading to intense and fast metal mood.
Vàli and Empyrium influence and motivation I can say that are the principal influence at the time of composing acoustics, which can be heard on the acoustic passages of Bruma.
Also Agalloch is an important influence, mostly in the ideological part; I’m talking about this devotion to nature, to the wilderness and this spiritual freedom that can be found in nature, the respect to the spirits of nature and the spirits of animals, the feel of soul equilibrium, having the knowledge that I belong to nature (as a living being, as spirit, as animal, as energy, and as matter) and that I’m in debt with Nature.

Any plans for the future?
-Yes, after the release of the EP Entre Ríos de Éter; it is planned to release a split Astarot/Bruma, it is almost done, and after that I’m working in at least two or three Full length Albums for Bruma, expect more news soon!!

How is the scene in Mexico? As far as I can remember, the most iconic metal band is Brujeria, which is not totally mexican…

-The metal scene in México is ambiguous, it is rich in good bands, there is lots of good and interesting bands in almost all metal subgenres, the thing is that all these bands lie in the underground scene, and in México the metal scene is not very popular in the most of population…but that’s not even the problem, the problem is the average underground metal fan in México, they claim to be “true” metalheads just by listening or knowing about super-underground foreign bands, they just spend their time by criticizing and comparing the national bands with foreign bands… and they do not support the national scene at all. About Brujería, I don’t considerate it as a Mexican band, they are all ‘pochos’ (we call like this to Mexican ascendance people born in U.S.A.) Also I hate the lyrical themes of this band (racial hatred and narco-violence)… So I give this advice to the people (also mexicans) who want to discover some goods Mexican metal bands, look on zines, youtube, bandcamp or in the encyclopedia Metallum, there are a great list of good Mexican metal bands.

Now you can say what you want.

-I want to thank you for considerate me in your blog and let me speak by this nice interview!!
Also I want to thank to all the people around the world who have supported and likes it Bruma , I have read some nice opinions about it and that’s really flattering, also thanks to the few people closest to me who always have supported me and my music… THANK YOU!
Expect more music soon!
-Custos Lupus.


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