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R. Nikolaenko Interview (Atmospheric: Moscow, Russia)


Very interesting interview with R. Nikolaenko, from Moscow, Russia.

Always good to see other points of view on a subject. He has a very different mindset from most of the bands in the scene and although I may disagree with some points, I think it may be good to stop and think for a while.


Please, describe the aesthetics and the music of your project. Are you in other bands as well?

Aesthetics of internal state. I just try to do what I feel, I watch state of the soul and translate it into thoughts, images and music. I very rarely play in other bands, because I only play if I have complete creative freedom and when there are no restrictions, but it is possible only in one-man band.
But secretly, I created the «Saudi Arabia» black metal band Kurballah. I wrote for fun black with Arabic motifs and yelled different Arabic words that I heard from terrorists, like: Shaitan, Kyafir, Murtad and etc. There were Muhammad Ibn Ali Konekon (anagram of R. Nikolaenko) and Farhud Tuv Al Bakro (anagram of A. Kurbatov) in this group. But the group quickly had to finish – there were sent threats from strange people in our mail, and then our our email was hacked.
But what I liked, in this year I have written two compositions for Josué Fonseca from Costa Rica’s Black Whispers.

m9UaN4YTvfIWhy the decision of making a one-man band project? Is it easier to make everything by yourself? What’s the downside of it?

If you write music for someone to get any profit, then of course you need a group. But if you write music from the feeling of your soul, the other members of group will interrupt this feeling, and then it will not be your own music, it will be distorted collective fake like most music. That’s how I think.
Only downside that it is not always possible to find session musicians.

Your bandcamp page lists lots of records released in a short period of time. And some of it are very diverse from each other. Some more ambient, some more metal. Is it deliberated?

Yes, but the essence and the source is still one – the feeling of the soul, just different manifestation in music. Yes, it was deliberate, but not everybody likes it.

4. What’s the reaction of black metal audiences to your more electronic/ambient stuff? How they respond to that?

Two years ago one arab Benlemrabet Amarth Sufferer from Eternal Misery stole my songs and released them on a Depressive Illusions Records under his own name. Then the arab said that russian had stolen his music, although my album had been released earlier than his deception, I just laid out free music and made no all rights reserved. He had stolen the whole album “There Is Nothing, Yet” and had cut out of it my vocals, inserting the their samples of vocal and had received the support of the metalheads from from different metal sites and they called me a thief. I was shocked when I learned that he had published on the label it all.
Then on a large site Metalarea I was offended by them, they said – my music was shit and was not a metal, and I was a traitor of black metal. I was alone against the whole crowd, trying to explain that I do not want to be unfree and ordinary copy of someone’s music. Then metalheads with the administrations of metal sites banned me and deleted my music and messages, they hacked accounts on Metalarea, deleted on Darkworld all my music and other metal sites.

In this year, there were some metal acts that got banned in Russia, like Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and others. Are you following that? How the metal crowd respond to that? Are they supporters of the government?

I also got banned, but so far only on many sites.
I know the initiator of all this. I had talked to him about Orthodox Christianity and faith before. Dmitry Enteo as I poured so much hatred and the same threats from across the country from metalheads, I certainly against restrictions on freedom of creativity, but it can be judged by its fruits, and the reaction of the crowd metalheads, it’s like the bots from the game, they do not have individual thinking, but they need to empathize because they do not know what they do.
There are good reasons to cancel the gigs, explicit calls to kill priests and to burn Bibles, our country has already killed en masse priests and demolished churches and we remember what it led to. When artificial the seventy years framework of atheistic socialism were destroyed then I saw the real consequence of all this – the mass drunkenness and drug abuse among the population, causeless murders and shootings, bandit lifestyle, early sexual molestation, mass abortions, and so on. The problem is not in music, but what fruit it gives.

rnikolaenko-de-leon-epHaving such a diverse discography, what would be your favorite tracks and why? Which would describe better your music?

When I write music, I try to open all my soul. I listen to my heart, and It inspires me to write music. I can not say, what my favourite track is, because every track has a part of me. There are reflected my feelings, as disappointment and inspiration, pain and happiness, despondency and grace, spiritual decline and spiritual rebirth and etc.

What’s your main influences? Who you were listening that made you make this kind of music?

It’s strange, but I do not listen to metal music, cause it is very rare to find gems in it, mostly faded copy and hypocrisy. How can I believe the person who anoints themselves in corpsepaint, sings about satanism and death, but in real life is the usual cheerful cog in the mechanism of the system. It is better to have a black hole in heart, but honest, than to be a hypocrite. By the way, earlier in Russia hypocrites always buried outside the cemetery fence.
Different styles like black metal or ambient gave me a tool for the realization of my state. I do not take the spiritual state of the music, but I translate the spiritual state in music.

Could you name some local underground black metal bands that you respect?

In my town there are a few black metal bands, but we are different and we have nothing in common. For me, they are hypocrites, and I for them strange loner.
Like most groups of their meaning is to attract the audience, create a shocking and mysterious atmosphere. For me, just an expression of internal states in music, so I have more in common with these same musicians loners.
So as I do not like concerts, a terrible sight is when obsessed crowd is going in one place , there is clearly not enough fire.
People always need bread and circuses.

Where do you record your music? At home? What equipament do you use?

I write all music on the guitar, including keyboard parts. I do not understand a great interest in the equipment, mainly engaged in the subtleties of the equipment by those who are not interested in essence of music and its condition. I play those instruments that are nearby and record music where it is possible to record.
Equipment – this is only a tool, it is important to translate spiritual state this equipment, but do not make spiritual state the equipment.
The sound quality and mixing – a consequence of the spiritual state. If there is more emphasis on equipment than on spiritual state, you end up lying to yourself, and so music can’t be personal, but ordinary faded copy.

Anything else to say?

I hope everyone will think about what he is doing and what the consequences of this are. Let everyone turn their eyes from the outside world to the inner, all of our thoughts and actions are based on the spiritual state.
Why we lie yourself? All hypocrisy in black metal music is just because people lie to themselves and do not want to know what’s inside, if acts contrary to the spiritual state, it means that person a hypocrite.
Explore your soul, and many people will see in it an endless black hole, and then realize that we have a small selection – or fill out this black hole with garbage from the outside world, or to fill this hole That is more than she did.
Life is short and it is not known whether you will live until tomorrow or die, let’s spend our lives with wisdom. Do not waste time at the scenery, but also explore spiritual state, only spiritual condition can be taken in the grave.
Music is only one of the keys of this cognition…



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