Dreams of Nature Interview (DSBM: Bogotá, Colombia)

DREAMS OF NATURE hails from Bogotá, Colombia. This is an one-man band playing DSBM with intense raw Black Metal influences and everything in between. Check out this interview with this Black Metal Hermano! Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Dreams of Nature. Well personally I call “Nature Atmospheric Black Metal” While it may be […]

Infera Bruo Interview (Experimental Black Metal: Boston, USA)

INFERA BRUO is an black metal act from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Members come from the most diverse backgrounds as Doom, Punk, Industrial and Krautrock, such as infamous band “Cul de Sac”. They mix all this background with a little progressive (in a good way) touch and create a very interesting blend of Black Metal. Check […]

Old Thunder Interview (Raw/Doom BM: Kentucky, USA)

OLD THUNDER is an one-man band from Kentucky and unleashes a mix of raw Black Metal, 90’s Doom, Death Metal with a pinch of Atmospheric eerie. He is releasing a split with Twilight Fauna through Into the Night Records (both already featured on this blog). Check this interview! Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Old […]

Terra Deep interview (Cascadian Black Metal: Oregon, USA)

  Terra Deep is a one man band from the Simpson’s hometown, Springfield. This project is an outlet for his creator’s an outlet for angst, anger, depression, and loneliness. Check out one more interview from the ever growing american black metal scene. Please describe the music and aesthetics of Terra Deep. I would call Terra Deep progressive […]

Sallow Interview (Black Metal: Albany, USA)

SALLOW is another good band to come from America. They hail from Albany, New York and they’re going to release their new tape with the suggestive name “I: The Great Work”, mixing good old black metal with doses of doom, melancholy and more. Check it out the interview with members Edimmu and Kottgott! Please, describe […]

Nyseius Interview (Black Metal, France)

  NYSEIUS is another band to prove that the French scene is one of the most prolific in the black metal world today. They’re releasing “De Divinatione Daemonium?” in March and just gave us an interview. Check it out! Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Nyseius. NYSEIUS is the open vaccum where the listener […]

Sangus Interview (Crusted Black Metal: Providence, USA)

Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Sangus. The music of Sangus is a hybrid of death metal, black metal, crossover thrash, and dtåkt styles. We feel that these diverse points of musical inspiration are blended quite naturally in what has become the refined stylistic sound of Sangus. Our aesthetic presentation is meant to be […]

Arvas Interview (Norwegian Black Metal: Bergen, Norway)

ARVAS wants to bring back the essence of the classic Norwegian Black Metal with 80’s thrash metal influences to devastate your ears. Check out this interview with mastermind V-Rex! Please describe the music and aesthetics of Arvas. The music is a fine mix of the eighites thrash metal era and modern black metal. We are […]

Disemballerina Interview (Atmospheric/Chamber BM: Portland, USA)

Some bands use heavy distorted guitars to make haunting music, others go for dark synths, screams, etc. Disemballerina goes with a string trio and nothing more to create this intense and very dark music. They are a very interesting act coming from Portland, Oregon that already got attention from big media names like Pitchfork, Cvlt […]

Dahakara Interview (Technical/Space Black Metal: Istanbul, Turkey)

Our first interview from Turkey! Coming from Istanbul, DAHAKARA (that means “blacker” in turkish”) plays a technical black metal heavily influenced by atmospheric, progressive and outer space music. Here he will talk about his music, the scene in Turkey and the last wave of protests in there. You should really check this guy’s music out! Please, describe […]

Diabolous666 Interview (Raw Black Metal: Lima, Peru)

  Hailing from Lima, Peru, Diabolous666 is one the many bands of TM666. He is also on peruvian metal legends Hadez (soon to be interviewed) and among this other bands, also runs the Pentagram Records label and physical store. Check out this interview with our BM hermanos! Please, describe the music and aesthetics of Diabolous666. […]

Seeds in Barren Fields Interview (Crust/Black Metal: Gothenburg, Sweden)

  SEEDS IN BARROW FIELDS comes from the land of Bathory and Entombed, but also from the land of Anti-Cimex and Wolfbrigade. They mix perfectly the sound of black metal with the ethics of punk and DIY. They even released a split with the brazilian band MACULA. Check the interview with this great band from […]

De Silence et d’Ombre Interview (Black Metal: Brest, France)

From Brest, France, comes the great one-man band DE SILENCE ET D’OMBRE. This project shows really good musicianship and the last album “V” is an example of killer Black Metal mixed with other influences such as Doom, Post-Rock and more experimental stuff. You should definitely check this music out! Please, describe the music and aesthetics […]

Dream of the Damned Interview (DSBM: Mexico City, Mexico)

Dream of the Damned is a DSBM act from Mexico City. He already got attention of labels from Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil. Not only releasing cds, not only cassettes but even fucking floppy discs! Read his interview bellow and enjoy! Please describe the music and aesthetics of The Dream of the Damned. All […]

Evil News

OBNOUNCE (Slovenia) “Hexelheim” short video out now

OBNOUNCE (Slovenia) “Hexelheim” short video out now

From Slovenia, comes OBNOUNCE with their official video “Hexelheim”. This is not only a music video, but a short movie, with a horror b film tone. Check it out. Starring: Tamara Podlesnik, Rastko Gracin, Igor Muršič, Rok Šerc & Luka Slavic Music by: Rastko Gracin Drums programing: Simon Škrlec Studio engineering: Matjaž Kovačič Written, shot, […]